OVER THE MOON Reading Club, no. XXIV: The Defenders Vol.1, issue #51 + Moon Knight Vol.3, issue #4 – Resurrection War

Hello Loony Crew!!

Hope you have all been well – things have started to move and shake on the podcast front here. With 2018 only about a month in, there’s a push to give you, the listener, a bigger and better podcast! Yessiree, we’re trying to find ways to keep things fresh and to expand our audience base.

One of the main things we’ve done so far is migrate from our old podcast hosting service, to a new one – Libsyn. Not wanting to get into the technical details, but suffice to say, there may be a bit of a teething period so please bear with us. What it does allow, however, is a more streamlined interface which allows for multiple destinations of info…in short, it’ll be easier to post our newsletters and podcasts across all the social media sites we are currently at – and more!

Anyway, enough kerfuffle – what you want to know is what is up ahead for this coming episode, yeah? Well, we’ll be returning to our CLASSIC and MODERN review –

  • The Defenders Vol.1, issue #51 – “Round with the Ringer”
  • Moon Knight Vol.3, issue #4 – “Resurrection War – Phase 4: Full Moon”

We also have another great guest narrator – this time a very cool dude, Morgan Roberts who hosts his own indelible show, “What Do You Make?” which is a really cool interview-style podcast with all sorts of creative people. He also is a seasoned photography and has a gift with the eye…both definitely worth checking out!

If you want to drop us a line, please do – we always love to hear from you and we’ll be sure to give you a shoutout on the show!

That’s about it for this newsletter – the first one done via Libsyn, so I bloody hope this works out ok…! Thanks once again for all your support and hope to chat with you soon!!

May Khonshu watch over the denizens of the Night,


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