Episode 26 – Saved By The Beer


In the lead up to issue #191 and the Doctor Strange event, Damnation, we discuss previews and trailers. As well as pop-ins from what’s happening with Marvel and their TV show division…

Plus! The finale to our coverage of Moon Knight’s appearances in The Defenders Vol. 1 and Moon Knight Vol. 3, giving a fitting and touching good-bye… By reviewing them like the episodes before…

CLASSIC RUN: The Defenders Vol. 1 issue #51

MODERN RUN: Moon Knight Vol. 3, issue #4, Resurrection War, Part 4 of 4

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BARE BONES – guest narrator, Morgan Roberts, “What Do You Make?” Podcast

Defenders Vol.1, issue #51 – “A Round with the Ringer”

Excerpts of the Bare Bones courtesy of the Marvel Wiki Page for Defenders issue #51

Released September 1977

(writer) David Kraft

(artist) Keith Giffen with inks by Klaus Janson

(letters) Gaspar Saladino & Bruce Patterson

(colours) Phil Rache

(editor) Archie Goodwin

Nick fury attempts to get answers from the LMD of Nick Fury himself, as to what exactly happened that led to the death of Scorpio, his brother. Meanwhile as a S.H.I.E.L.D division cleans up the wreckage caused by last issues grand battle, various other conversations take place.

The Hulk mopes in the corner, unhappy at having felt ignored by Nighthawk, and slowly simmers with anger like a child sulking at the feet of his parents; Hellcat, having fought non-stop and one of the few Defenders without any discernible powers is patched up by the medics as Valkyrie makes her towards her and makes her concern known; Nighthawk and Moon Knight chat about the group dynamics and how Moon Knight appears to fit in quite well with the rest of the Defenders; and finally Jack Norriss – the man at the centre of the caper – speaks with Nick Fury too…he’s still not happy with Fury after Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D captured, drugged and interrogated Norris before the whole fiasco with Scorpio.

Things do not appear as they seem as Norriss is surprised to hear that the events with Fury weren’t as he originally thought – a side-effect of being drugged. Fury reveals that it was in fact his S.H.I.E.L.D operatives that were the ones behind the ill treatment of Norriss and Fury himself actually reproached them for the aggressive techniques that they used. Slightly ashamed at hearing the truth, Norriss admits to Fury that he may have reacted a little too hastily towards Nick. Having now reached a sort of truce, Fury then recognises the heart and skill of Norriss and so offers him a job at S.H.I.E.L.D.  Fury advises Norriss to think it over before giving his final answer, as he watches the Fury LMD led away by the S.H.I.E.L.D agents. Fury laments that though he did not know whether his brother Scorpio was alive or dead the past seven years, tragically, he finally has found that closure.

As Nighthawk walks with Moon Knight outside, the Mooncopter appears, ready to whisk Moon Knight away. Before he leaps onto the rope ladder, Nighthawk has to ask Moon Knight how exactly he did escape the sealed trap by which Scorpio had ensnared Moon Knight. As it happened, Moon Knight reveals that the fortuitous beer that Scorpio handed Moon Knight was instrumental in his escape – as the trap filled with water, Moon Knight drained the beer can and used the extra oxygen in the can alongside controlled breathing, to give him enough time to affect his escape.As Moon Knight floats up into the sky on his rope ladder, Nighthawk salutes the Avator of Vengeance for both his bravery and genius.

While in Russia, Tani is taken to a secret project known only as Sergei. While Valkyrie begins to establish a new life for herself by starting college she meets Dollar Bill and Ledge. While a new villain known as Ringer tries to rob a bank bringing him into conflict with Nighthawk.

As Jack Norriss comes looking for his wife, Hellcat takes him out for a walk to talk about his life. Nighthawk defeats Ringer and Valkyrie gets acquainted with her new friends, unaware that an attacker is in the shadows stalking the students of Empire State University.

Moon Knight Vol. 3, issue #4 –  “Resurrection War – Phase 4: Full Moon”

Released April 1998

(writer) Doug Moench

(artist) Tommy Lee Edwards & Robert Campanella

(colours) Melissa Edwards

(letters) Ken Lopez

(editor) Mark Bernardo

Moon Knight suffers more dreams of past pain and horrors from his mercenary days. It’s enough to steel himself against the dark forces ahead and this is furthered by Khonshu’s messages to Moon Knight that Set must be stopped. All of a sudden, Set appears in Moon Knight’s dreams too, and he destroys Khonshu in front of Moon Knight’s eyes!

Steven awakens, then punches and cracks the mirror in front of him, frustrated at yet another one of his dreams. Convinced that Detective Flint is correct, and that the UN conference will be the target for Set, Steven leaves Marlene to meet up with Flint to gain more answers.

Elsewhere, Bushman meets up with Morpheus at an air strip near Cairo and he has with him the statue of Set. Their third accomplice Black Spectre is appointed with disrupting the airport, and by him doing so, the trio are able to load the statue on a chopper bound for New York. As Morpheus surmises, the power of Set will pervert the UN Conference, resulting in global conflict and will expose the world ripe for the taking!

City Councilman Jonathan Vankin arrives home in the evening when suddenly he’s accosted by the Moon Knight. The White Avenger gains information from Vankin on how Black Spectre plans to take over New York City. Fear, intimidation and delivery of threats have managed to buoy Black Spectre’s rise to the top and according to Vankin, he’s not far from succeeding.

Moon Knight motions for Detective Flint and his officers to come out. They’ve been monitoring the conversation and take Vankin in for further questioning. Flint, however, has more pressing concerns (that of the UN conference), but Moon Knight reassures him that he will take care of matters. A rope ladder drops down from above. The silent, ominous Moon Jet hovers above and in an instant, Moon Knight is gone.

Moon Knight changes to Jake Lockley and heads to Gena’s diner where he asks Gena if her sons Ricky and Ray are willing to earn some cash for a bit of surveillance. Lockley wants eyes on Pier 23 – the previous hideout for the Black Spectre. Ricky and Ray make their way to Pier 23 and soon tail a car from the pier to Queen’s Mansion and in one of the limos they spot Black Spectre. Lockley tells the boys to keep following the limo as he changes into Moon Knight and readies for action.

Ten minutes later at a private runway, Black Spectre awaits in the car for the arrival of Bushman and Morpheus. Moon Knight gains the element of surprise and savagely yanks Black Spectre out through the car window. As the two tussle, Black Spectre’s henchmen attempt to join the fray but are met with a flurry of arrows. It’s Stained Glass Scarlet – she’s perched up high and like a red angel she watches Moon Knight and picks off the henchmen one by one. Moon Knight continues to trade blows with Black Spectre and even saves him from one of Stained Glass Scarlet’s arrows, who’s intent is to kill all the enemies. This time, however, Moon Knight wins the fight and with Black Spectre beaten but not killed, Moon Knight learns of Bushman and Morpheus’ imminent arrival.

As the chopper lands which carries Bushman, Morpheus and the statue of Set, Moon Knight fearlessly rushes towards them and targets Bushman. Crescent darts fly and bullets are dodged as Moon Knight tackles Bushman and the two shatter through a hangar window amidst a crowd of civilians. The ferocity of the fight is short but it is again Moon Knight who gains the upper hand and he neutralises Bushman just in time for Detective Flint to arrive and clean up.

With only one villain left, Moon Knight rushes out again but is unsuccessful to reach Morpheus’ chopper as it flies off towards the UN Conference with cargo in stow. Moon Knight hitches a ride on the Moon Jet and in an absolute feat of amazement, he glides from the Moon Jet on his cape and crashes mid-air through the front window of Morpheus’ helicopter. Morpheus is a tougher opponent than Bushman or Black Spectre, and Moon Knight has a hard time resisting Morpheus’ illusions and avoiding his ebon energy blasts. Not sure what is real or not, Moon Knight then sees the Statue of Set come to life and as it attacks him, the chopper spirals out of control. Moon Knight shrugs off his disbelief and kicks the statue out of the chopper, shattering it on the ground below. Instinctively, Moon Knight then evades Morpheus once more and knocks him out. With not much time left, Moon Knight jumps out of the chopper before it – alongside Morpheus – crashes into the harbour.

With the threat now over, Moon Knight returns to Grant mansion and ponders with Marlene and Frenchie, as they still do not have the Final Answer…

Does Khonshu possess actual powers?

Did Set ever possess equal but opposite powers?

Was Steven resurrected by Khonshu?

Marlene doesn’t know nor does she care – as long as, “…I can feel you, Steven, I can touch you, I can love you. That’s all I need to know”

Show Notes – 

  1. That quarterly or whatever Amazon Marvel Trades Sale – Moon Knight volumes as cheap as $3 a piece!
  2. From Stage to Page: A Guide to Musicians Who Write Comics
  3. Doctor Strange: Damnation Trailer – Go Behind The Scenes!
  4. Moon Knight #191 Preview
  5. MK illumni: Torres’ art on Legion #1
  6. No new shows coming to Netflix

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