Episode 20 – Too Many Newspapers on the Front Porch


Episode 20:  

The High Priests of Khonshu return to what they do well and that’s comic book reviews! This time around we have both the classic run (chronicling every Moon knight appearance from the beginning) alongside a more modern run showing Moon Knight in his more developed as a character!

CLASSIC RUN: The Defenders Vol. 1, issue #48

MODERN RUN: Moon Knight Vol. 3, issue #1  – Resurrection War

Both issues are heaps of fun and yes, we do have special narrators for this one – not what you’d expect! 😛

All this, plus the latest news in Moon Knight and the comics world, for your listening pleasure! Carve out a warm spot in your favourite chair – we’re at it again!

 Show Notes:

  1. Disney Deal with Fox Finalised
  2. The R-Rating For ‘Deadpool’? According To Disney, “We Can Manage That Fine”
  3. Could Marvel Knights be Disney’s R-rated label?

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