OVER THE MOON Reading Club, no. XVIII: The Defenders Vol. 1 #48 + Moon Knight Vol. 3 #1 – Resurrection War



Welcome back Loonies!

We’re back with another OVER THE MOON newsletter, and this time it’s issue 18!

After the experimental and highly fun last episode which saw the High Priests review both the Funko and Hasbro Moon Knight figures, we return to the comics, our bread and butter. This round we continue with our classic run with the next appearance of Moony seen in The Defenders #48, “Who Remembers Scorpio? – Sinister Saviour”. For those of you who remember, we already covered Moon Knight’s next, actual appearance in the Defenders #47 in our episode 11 (if you haven’t, go check it out – it has our very first guest narrator, John Harrison from Defenders TV Podcast!) This new arc in The Defenders sees where the crew left off and Moon Knight can still be seen hanging around the team, though he’s technically not part of them!

For the modern run, we are sinking our teeth into ‘Resurrection War’ (Moon Knight Vol.3, issue #1). This is a great 4-part mini series and it’s a good excuse to see a swathe of Moon Knight’s rogues gallery together and battling against out White Knight.

For both of these, we’re mixing it up again, and have a couple of special, different narrations which we hope will make sense – stay tuned to see what we mean!

As always, if you’ve got any thoughts or ideas as to what you’d like to see on the podcast, just drop us a line on any of the platforms below –


Right-o! Before I go, just want to say Connor and I really appreciate all the passion and fandom shared in the FB group and Twitter – keep it coming – we always love to share in our dedication to one of the most underrated characters in the Marvel universe!

May Khonshu watch over the denizens of the Night,


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