Episode 223 – OVER THE MOON Arc Review: Moony, Werewolves & Cults

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Follow the self-published indie book THE FRINGE KNIGHT by Daniel Doing for all the adventures of Erie’s own super hero!


High Priest of Khonshu Rey welcomes back Patroony Daniel Doing for a chat and to discuss a short two-parter involving one of Moony’s oldest nemeses  –  



MOON KNIGHT VOL. 1 #29-30 – Morning Star /The Moonwraith, Three Sixes, and a Beast

Released March  1983

BARE BONES (Courtesy by ComicVine; edited by Rey):

Jack Russell flees from three black-robed and hooded figures, and seeks refuge in a boxcar, as the full moon rises. The three reach the car, and the Werewolf snatches and kills one of them, as the train begins to roll. In Los Angeles, Schuyler Belial, who calls himself Morning Star, holds a satanic mass. When he once again can’t produce the beast from hell he has for months promised his flock, they begin to file out in disgust.

Later, he receives a call from his agents that Russell is headed for New York City. 

A month later, in New York, Jake Lockley enters Gena’s Diner and receives the message that Detective Flint wants a meeting with Moon Knight. Atop the precinct roof, Flint passes a letter to Moon Knight from Russell, requesting a meeting at a secluded house in New Jersey before dusk. Moon Knight arrives after moonrise but just as Moon Knight reaches to secure the door to a room where Jack is contained, the Werewolf erupts through the door. Moon Knight gives chase, but is hit in the head with a log and knocked out. 

The night passes, and in the morning, Moon Knight finds the again human Jack Russell, whom he transports to his mansion. Moon Knight surmises the satanic cult may have implanted a tracer in Russell’s body and so calls in a favor from a Dr. Lawson, who indeed confirms a tracer chip in Jack’s scalp. Jack is strapped down as dusk approaches, but when he transforms, the Werewolf snaps his bonds and threatens Moon Knight and Marlene.

The Werewolf attacks Moon Knight and the battle carries from Grant mansion to the city. Some time later, Moon Knight catches up with him on a rooftop, and the man-beast lunges at Moon Knight, their momentum carrying them over the edge, into the alleyway below.

Both are captured by Schuyler Belial and his fellow satanists. 

Belial, calling himself Morning Star, holds a gathering where he prepares to display his long-promised beast from hell. Russell and Moon Knight are chained up on the dais behind him, but many of the cultists present still doubt him. 

Belial orders two of his lackeys to move the prisoners into a cage until sunset, but Moon Knight comes to, knocks out the pair, and contacts Frenchie over his cowl microphone. Soon, he and Russell are aboard and heading for Grant Mansion. 

Belial’s men soon follow, homing on the signal from the chip still implanted under Russell’s scalp. At the mansion, Dr. Lawson removes the chip, and Steven Grant places it in a cabinet in his billiard room. 

The cultists break into the mansion and, following the signal, reach the billiard room, where Moon Knight ambushes them, as Marlene drives to a pre-arranged rendezvous at Gena’s Diner. Marlene then hypnotizes Jack to augment his control over the beast, and to place the suggestion that he is not to harm Moon Knight. 

Dusk falls, and Moon Knight, disguised as a cultist, delivers Russell, who is placed upon an altar on the rooftop. As Belial readies to make the sacrifice, Moon Knight uses one of the cult’s stun weapons to shoot the knife out of Belial’s hand. The Werewolf then breaks free and dives into the satanists. Working as a team, Moon Knight and the Werewolf overwhelm the cultists, and the lycanthrope hurls Belial off the building to his death. They make quick work of the rest. As Frenchie arrives in the helicopter, Moon Knight allows the Werewolf to run off.


Daniel:  🌖  10 /10 – Big Fuck Off Moon

Rey:  🌖  7 /10 – Waning Gibbous

Shine those idols, and dust off the cape….IT’S TIME TO GET YOUR KHONSHU ON!





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