Episode 108 – Realm of the Brotherhood

Moon Knight Vol 6 1


Rey is joined by special guest, Josh ‘Geronimo’ Johnson as the pair of Loonies take a look at an arc that harks back to the 80’s!

Moon Knight finds himself wanting to join the West Coast Avengers and so it’s in a provisional capacity that our Fist of Khonshu fights alongside the West Coast Avengers against the Zodiac, Scorpio, LMDs…and even the alien race, the Sligs!

Josh brings his acumen for classic 80’s run and both he and Rey get into the nitty gritty of how this arc pans out for Moon Knight.

Finally – WE HAVE A PERIMETER BREACH! WE HAVE A PERIMETER BREACH! One of the Collective hijacks the show! Who is it? What does he do? Tune in to find out!




Writer – Steve Englehart
Penciler – Al Milgrom

Inker – Mike Machlan

Colourists – Christie Scheele, Julianna Ferriter, Paul Becton, Phil DeWalt, Bob Sharen, Gregory Wright
Letterers – Tom Orzechowski, Ken Lopez, Bill Oakley

Editor – Mark Gruenwald


Simon Williams (Wonder Man) discovers through a tussle with a possessed Abomination, that although he loves the adoration that comes with being a movie star, his heart belongs to the West Coast Avengers and fighting crime.

Meanwhile, Taurus becomes the sole survivor of the Zodiac cartel when Jake Fury (masquerading as Scorpio within the group) reveals himself and sets his own team of LMD Zodiacs upon them. Jake reveals that he too is an LMD, and his band of Zodiacs kill all but Taurus, who manages to flee.

Taurus approaches the West Coast Avengers, asking for their help to put a stop to Jake Fury and his LMD Zodiac squad. Elsewhere, Bobbi Morse aka Mockingbird, laments not having told Hawkeye the entire truth about her final confrontation with the Phantom Rider and his seemingly innocent fate.

The Avengers tussle with the Zodiac at a cattle breeding auction of all places, but are ultimately unsuccessful in capturing them. A short while after, Hawkeye is ambushed by the 12 members and he’s abducted and replaced by an LMD version, unbeknownst to his teammates.

Reconvening with the West Coast Avengers, Taurus predicts the Zodiac are to strike a mint much to suspicion of Moon Knight. The White Knight does not entirely trust Taurus but entertains Taurus’ insistence that his assistance with the West Coast Avengers is entirely altruistic.

Moon Knight shares a kiss with Tigra, whilst Mockingbird finally confronts (the LMD) Hawkeye about the truth with Phantom Rider. She soon discovers that he isn’t really Hawkeye and with the help of Tigra, they dispose of the android mole. A reveal shows that Tigra, too, is also an LMD – being a SECOND mole planted by the Zodiac to infiltrate the Avengers compound.

The Avengers catch up with the Zodiac at the Denver Mint and another battle ensues. The Zodiac are able to escape to Death Valley via the Zodiac Key and Iron Man reveals his knowledge of the Zodiac Key. It essentially thrives on conflict, so when the realm from which it originated no longer satiated it’s needs, it was transported to Earth in search of conflict and sustenance.

Moon Knight’s knowledge of astrology is used to confirm that Taurus’ next prediction of where the Zodiac will be, is correct, and with his suspicions eased somewhat the West Coast Avengers head to Death Valley and find what they are looking for – the Zodiac!

Tigra reveals herself as an LMD, but the Zodiac and Jae Fury are defeated, only for them all to be resurrected by the Zodiac Key itself.

They are all teleported away to the Realm of the Brotherhood, whilst Taurus uses the opportunity to escape.

The Zodiac are all incapacitated as there is no Zodiacal energy in the Realm of the Brotherhood, but the Avengers find the real Hawkeye and Tigra and are reunited. They encounter the Brotherhood who wish not to fight them, lest they lose an opportunity to feed off conflict which may occur on Earth. So they return the West Coast Avengers back home, with the warning that they will send the key over to Earth again when they least expect it, to feed off the conflict which the Avengers or others may generate in the years to come. They are brought back, and having discovered Taurus’ escape, Moon Knight vows to track him down!

The chase is on, and after a brief encounter with the Shroud, Taurus flees an ever encroaching Moon Knight. Their fight sees them high in the sky as Taurus tries to fly away on a hijacked plane, but he meets his death as the aircraft plummets out of control whilst a falling Moon Knight is saved by Iron man. Hawkeye is livid at the Fist of Khonshu for having not worked as a team, and for the apparent cold blooded murder of Taurus.

Finally, after a bit of respite, Simon Williams is abducted by a race of aliens, the SLIGS, who want to analyse Earthly specimens before proposing the invade the planet.

The West Coast Avengers come to Simon’s rescue but all are transported to another realm where they are each in turn tested by The Examiner.

The Avengers manage to ultimately defeat the aliens and return home. The Sligs manage to send their data to their Supreme One and a Composite Avenger (or artist’s impression) is collated – giving enough reason for the SLigs to call off their plans to invade a planet with clearly formidable inhabitants.

MOON RATING (out of phases of the Moon):

Josh: High-end Waning Gibbous 🌖 – 7/10

Rey:  High-end Waning Gibbous 🌖 – 7/10






Music Written, Performed and generously provided by Deleter:


ITK Logo Graphic Design by The High Priests of Khonshu

ITK Graphic Design produced and assisted by Randolph Benoit:



Proud Member of The Collective

The music for this episode contains excerpts from various songs and is copyrighted by Deleter. The music agreed for use on Into the Knight – A Moon Knight Podcast is licensed under an Attribution License;

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