Episode 41 – Is Marc a Mutant?


Have we got a treat for you – or have we got a TREAT for you!?

This very episode, High Priest Connor takes the helm and is joined by not one, but TWO Loonies – Tommy ‘Man on the Street’ Kawel and Chad ‘The Power of Chad’ Jernigan – to cover the review for the latest offering by Max Bemis –


Moon Knight Vol.9 issue #194 – “Moon Knight Origin”

Massive theories are also explored – is Marc a mutant? What’s the deal with Moony’s cape? What’s the connection to Spawn?…enough questions to BEND YOUR MIND!

Meanwhile, the other High Priest of Khonshu, Rey, has a go at being an intrepid reporter, and manages to nab two cool interviews from some comic book industry heavy weights – Tom Taylor and Nicola Scott – live from King Comics in Sydney!

All this during the brilliance of Free Comic Book Day, held on Saturday 5th May.

It’s a rock ’em sock ’em episode – alls ya gotta do is plug in and enjoy!!


BARE BONES – Script written and narrated by Chad Jernigan

Moon Knight Vol. 9 #194 – “Moon Knight – Origin”

Released 25th April 2018

(writer) Max Bemis

(artist) Ty Templeton

(inkers)  <fill>

(colourist) Kieren Smith

(letterer) VC’s Corey Petit

(editor) Jake Thomas

(cover) Becky Cloonan

(design) Nick Russel

Marc Spector and Frenchie sit down at a kitchen table, armed with mugs full of muddy servings of coffee.
The discussion? Deciding, if they weren't mercenary turned vigilantes, what vocation they'd persue.
DuChamp posits that Marc could be a Brad-doppelganger with his chiseled jaw.
Spector disagrees, he's not interested in being a knock-off, he's a creator. His imagination is... active.
He wants to get his mind out of his gutter and live off of it.
Almost like it's someone else's life entirely.
No freaks, no threats and no more bloody last stands.
But Marc knows that to be free of his visceral talents, it'd be a life not his own, and not HIS origin.

	Page 2
Cutting back into time, the Spector of Vengeance reviews his new case. Rabbi Yitz Perlman. A real cut up.
Perlman delivers a joke to a crowded dinner table of his fellowship in faith.
A young Marc sits on the sideline as the punchline drops, bringing the Hacidic hall to laughter.
According to a disembodied Spector, Yitz has the best jokes; a real funny-man.

	Page 3
Play by play through history, there's nothing funnier to the Jews than making fun of their own kind.
Arguably, leading "MO" is the comedy in concert with catastrophe via oppression one land or another.
The cycle is endless, according to Marc. His people thrive on some kind of hate. 
The humor may be a selling point, and it certainly has perchased young Marc's adoration for Yitz.

	Page 4
As his handi-work would entail later in life, Marc is driven to be an explorer. 
Leading him into the bowels of his synagogue storage cellar a la certain Fedora clad whip-wielders.
More in tune with those out of his age group and wise beyond his years, marc keeps a term from Perlman.
He asks about this word. His father, a Spector of sadness.

	Page 5
Insisting his acuity and readiness for darker works and a life of black knights, he is old enough.
Old enough to be in the adult circles; birds and the bees, genocide and nationalist pride.
Grandpa Spector met Yitz during the Shoah and it was the Shoah that relocated the family from native lands.
Czechoslovakia. The old country.

	Page 6
Another scene, Marc's idle banter with Yitz. Cheerful and honest. 
"Swing by after seven" Yitz says to the young man. Study and fellowship is never a down note with the Rabbi.

	Page 7
Much like Marc later in his life, his father has vapid moments of lapsed sanity. He woulkd zone out.
Where in his place there would be a man absently doing chores in a sort of fugue state.
There was always a man behind the curtain, but sometimes the light show died down.
Marc wanted to KNOW his father almost as much as he wanted to bolt for Yitz' for his study. Early bird gets the worm.

	Page 8
With the Rabbi's office locked, Marc goes down into the depths of detective mode in the synagogue basement again.
A hatch is all the treasure he lusts for today. A trap door in lieu of a menorah. Always delving deeper.
Out of his own depth should be Marc's first tattoo.

	Page 9
With a heave of Herculean effort, Marc rips the rope and latch from the door and loses his balance, plummeting.
Into the abyssal shelf of the unknown.

	Page 10
Down in the darkness, a dim light and a glimmer of fright.
Reminders, Yitz was free AFTER 7.
Perlman has a sinister light painting shadow across his face.
But Marc has no such glamor, all fear and a bloody nose, vying for an explanation from Uncle Yitz.

	Page 11
The truth is offered to Marc, silence for sincerity. Nothing is what it seems and the shadow is more a blessing
than the light could ever bring. Uncle Yitz has a calm expression that is daunting. His facade, a cornerstone.

	Page 12
The light summon recognition of a young man. Hanging by his feet via the ceiling.
Yitz Perlman, real name, ERNST.
The boy is dripping with blood. Face bound. Body, chained to the darkness above.
Ernst kneels to Marc and starts another joke. The red red Krovvy is no laughing matter to Marc.
A rabbi, a nazi and a serial killer. An interestic assortment, bar none.

	Page 13
As Marc makes a break for the ladder, Yitz deftly snatches his foot and slams Spector to the ground.
Stunned, the pre-pubescent boy witnesses that the body is yet living, that Ernst is yet decent and Marc 
yet ready for adulthood after-all.

	Page 14
Yitz proclaims that the grandfather in Czechoslovakia was a desperate and idiotic man.
Some intrigue back in time. Nazis, misdirections, misinformation. The darkness that looms in the hearts of men.
It stretches the shadow of Yitz' life. The primordial ooze that boils inside the grey matter of his brain is a
enhanced metahuman device. Ernst loves killing jews, it paints his eyes in blackness and his blade in catharsis.

	Page 15
Ernst reveals the Shoah to Marc. That the holocaust was the Shoah. That the holocaust was an engineered to be a
running experiment on turning a Yitz into a Ernst. The horror is far from Kosher and there is no safety in numbers.
Marlene and Diatrice make a scene-scape spanning years in Marc's timeline, pouring the layers of sediment into Marc.
Everything has led to this moment, from years ago.

	Page 16
Marc lunges at Yitz in the cellar of sin. Burying his teeth in the Rabbi's arm, the same teeth that the Sun King 
will punch out. Marc is lifted off the ground with only one arm and Ernst slams Marc's back against stone and cement.
One left cross from our youthful avenger and he is free from this trap. He springs for the latter out of historical Hell.
Uncle Yitz calls out after an escaping ex-protege a vow to return, to always come back.

	Page 17
Not Moon Knight yet, but powerful enough in resolve. Marc is now strong enough to stand for something other than another
day. With Yitz transfering to another synagogue, Marc was safe for this briefest moment in time. But time passes and the
hunter-killer of ERNST would be back. 
As Frenchie thanks his closest friend for trusting him with this new, deep revelation into the heart of Marc Spector, 
he comments that the honor is also horrifying.
the honor is also horrifying. And that amongst this problem, he must still confess his long-standing mental health concerns
to his daughter, so she can understand a few things about her father as well.

	Page 18
Alone in her room, Marc walks diatrice through the words. Then explains the synopsis of his mental dissonance.
Lots of weird things going on, probably something that's been in the family.Can't help it.

	Page 19
Laying back, relaxing in the beigee and manilla bed, they talk through trauma and how Uncle Jake and Steven are there.
That through our friends and family, we can fight fear and foe such as Uncle Yitz with his evil grin and surgical sins.




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Music for Bare Bones provided by Rujay – 

Instrumental: “Payback” by Silver Krueger. Channel: https://YouTube.com/user/RujayTV.

Instrumental: “Nightmare” by Odece. Video: https://youtu.be/lBkMywMTkFU

Instrumental: “Da Vinci” by Odece. Video: https://youtu.be/BQKkew1jdak

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