CLZ Comics – New Sponsors for Into The Knight!


We are very proud to announce CLZ Comics ( from ) as our latest sponsor for ITK!

CLZ Comics is a website and app that allows you to catalogue your collection and create a database to keep track of what you currently have, or for those issues or trades that you are hoping you obtain!

For a small monthly or annual fee, you can scan your weekly pulls; keep track of all the latest issues on your pull list; keep up to date with those #MoonKnight issues or variants to complete your collection; or create a detailed inventory to allow easy retrieval of specific comics from the plethora of longboxes stored in your attic!

CLZ Comics is just one of the databases that Collectorz offer – Music, Movie, Games and more are available for you to have complete control over your collection…

Check out CLZ Comics on the Collectorz website or Twitter, or join the CLZ Comics FB group to chat with fellow collectors and discover how using CLZ Comics can become a hobby in itself, with constantly refining and detailing your very own collector database!

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