ITK Newsletter, no. CXI: LUNAR-PICK – Comic Book Reviews on Contagion + Sister Mercy!


Allow me to assault you once again with a fair newsletter for your weekly consumption!

Welcome back to the ITK newsletter which gives you all you need to know for the upcoming episode. This time around, there is of course your usual Moon Knight fare, but things are slightly different this time around as we look towards some creative work done by one of our own Loonies, Corey Hardiman…it’s an independent comic book, ‘Sister Mercy’ which we will ‘review’ (I’m hesitant to ‘review it, as I don’t want to ‘mark’ it) and discuss on the show!



But apart from that, there will be standard Moon Knight goodness with two things of note –

Firstly, we’ll be discussing the recently concluded Contagion event which featured our Fist of Khonshu – and not only was it a fleeting appearance, but Marc actually swung in to save the day! I won’t give much away here as to my thoughts on the series, but needless to say, you’ll want to tune in for this one to gather some…let’s just say, interesting thoughts I had on it all…

Very keen to hear what you thought of it too – I’ve posted up a Spoiler Thread in the FB Group and Page for those who want to drop us a line…we’d love to read out and discuss your thoughts too on the show.

I actually had the honour of guesting also on the Iron Fist podcast, to chat about Contagion too…more on that later down the newsletter in our Collective section…

As you can see, we’ve ignored Khonshu once again with the phases of the Moon…methinks it has to do with the lost Golden Sceptre…remember that? 🙂

Yes, I’ve not forgotten about our little serial, and you’ll be happy to know that Episode 6 of THE HUNT FOR KHONSHU’S GOLDEN SCEPTRE should drop either this coming episode, or next. I just have to find some time to stitch the episode together, but I have all the material and am keen to keep our serial chugging along!

Aside from the Contagion and Sister Mercy review/discussion on the show, there’s also the ’10 Things you Need to Know about Moon Knight’ initiative that Rebecca and Connor(shu) instigated int heir podcast episode 118 ‘2K Nine-Nine’.

We got heaps of feedback for it, so I’m keen to feature this on the show, however, I’m not really sure what the other High Priests had in mind. Speaking of which, Rebecca will be unavailable this coming episode, and I’m just trying to confirm the availability of young Connor(shu)…what you MIGHT get this coming episode is either a solo from me (which I’d prefer not to, as I’d love to discuss these issues for review with someone else), or a special guest that I may happen to snag.

Just another tiny factor playing into consideration is that my little Khonshu, Finn, has upturned his sleeping pattern and so it’s hard to ascertain when I can actually record. Fear not! I will find a slot somewhere in the day (or night) and be sure to release an ITK episode to keep this show going strong! Only downside is that it’s hard to coordinate co-hosts, as my time availability is at the whim of my 15-month old! 😛

I’m even thinking of perhaps taking a short break to record a bunch of pre-recorded shows as an option of keeping the lights on at ITK…I don’t know…it’s a tricky one, as with pre-recorded shows you can’t really do current news or updates…hhhmmmm, I’ll have to give it some more thought…


We have the results for the end of October and geez Louise, call me Mac ‘n’ Cheese, things are damn well exciting!

It was no surprise that Tommy took out the month with a commanding lead in week three of October, and as seen in the card above, Tommy remains top dog with juuuust under a century to his name. Well done, Tommy! Both The Thing and Miles had a huge month…with ol’ Blue eyes in Contagion as well as the various FF books, his points saw him shoot The Man on the Streets up to top billing…

I was fortunate enough to have Cap do very well at the tail end of the month, so I managed to hang onto second place for the second time this season, with a respectable score of 85. I was pretty disappointed with Wolverine’s effort and to be honest, I was expecting way more from Iron Fist too, as the weekly Contagion I was sure was going to yield a flurry of points for Danny…but not to be…

This was a clincher! Jason (previous month’s leader) scraped into third position this month by one point! Poor Dustin must have been ropable! Still, well done to Jason for again picking a solid draft and making it to third spot. The big standout for Jason was Sue Storm, and I think she’ll continue to do well in November, considering her solo title is still going, and she is of course, like The Thing, featured in the numerous FF titles out this month…it truly is a golden era for the FF in comics after a long drought, so expect to see the FF members firing in the FCL…

Cold Case Kurtz comes in at fourth at the end of October, just missing out by a whisker. Doctor Strange seems to have served him well (and I’m pretty sure he’ll continue to do so in November) with modest totals from the Hulk and Thor. Dustin has already relinquished She-Hulk for another, so we’l see how his team fares in November…best of luck, Dustin (and Happy Birthday!)

Beloved Loony, The Power of Chad rounds out the division, and for me, the biggest upset here was Venom. With Absolute Carnage in full swing, I would have thought Venom to be cleaning up the points but perhaps with Absolute Carnage wrapping up in November, that may still be the case. Chad really needs more from Doctor Doom…I’ve not read the title, but with an issue out this month, let’s hope for Chad’s sake that Victor lays it on thick for his Latverian citizens! Modest totals from Black Panther and Conan provide the meat of Chad’s score…again, let’s hope there’s more activity from T’Challa in both the Avengers book, his solo title and the Agents of Wakanda…! Similarly, Conan has his solo title, potential appearances in the spin off titles, and Savage Avengers…plenty of chances to light up that scoreboard!

So, at the half-way mark of the season, the standings for our Loonies are as follows:

Tommy – 4 points

Rey – 4 points

Jason – 4 points

Dustin – 1 point

Chad – 1 point

It’s still anyone’s game..if Dustin or Chad dominate in November and December, then they could certainly make a play for the title this season, and walk away with e free trade of their choice…!

In addition to that, Tommy, Jason and myself are in a good position to consolidate and potentially if either of us take out one of the coming months, then it would be hard to beat…

It’s all still up for grabs!

I’m hoping to maybe get Brian Bradley and a couple of the Loonies from our division on the show as we get close to the end, to discuss more of the FCL and how things look like panning out…until then, we’ve got a bit more drafting to do, then it’s all systems go!


It’s fun being part of The Collective, and in addition to all the podcasts helping each other out…it’s fun to listen to them all too! I’ve been catching up on a few of our colleagues, and as started last week, I’d like to SPECTOR-CALL them out here for your perusal…Give them a go if you’re up for alternate things to listen to (but keep listening to us of course! hahaha)

Anyway, here’s what’s on display at Collective-Mart this week coming….

  • A shoutout to The Signal of Doom Podcast – Dave is really pumping hard and the Patreon push is in full swing! If you are a listener of the show, please consider being a patron. Dave is recording his first Patreon-exclusive episode and it’ll be a review on ‘Escape from New York’ starring Kurt Russell!! Sounds very cool…
  • As mentioned earlier in the newsletter, I’ll be guesting on the upcoming Sons of the Dragon – An Immortal Iron Fist Podcast, where I chat with host Connor, about Contagion #4 and #5. As I write this it hasn’t dropped yet, so I can’t give you a link, but it’s bound to drop any minute now, so please just check their website for any updates!


Again, as mentioned, we’d love to hear your thoughts on Contagion too…I’ve posted up a Spoiler Thread in the FB Group and Page, so if that makes things easier, please drop your thoughts there…otherwise we have other ways in which you can contact us….

If you DON’T want your comments broadcast, please just add, “(DNB)” at the end of your comment, and we’ll be sure not to broadcast it. We’ll pick a few comments from here and discuss on the show!

OK, I better shoot this off to the printers to get published…(yes, I am ye of olden day speak…you know what I mean!)…stick with us, it’s always bound to be a surprise…! Hope to hear from you on any of our platforms and hope you like the upcoming episode!

May Khonshu Watch Over the Denizens of the (K)Night,


Proud Member of The Collective


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