ITK Newsletter, no. CVI: ISLA RA SESSIONS – Featuring Guest Derek O’Neill

Loony fanatics!

Welcome, welcome, WELCOME to the latest and greatest ITK newsletter for you this week, coming straight from the hand-eye coordinated skills of one of the High Priests of Khonshu, Rey!

We had a blast last week reviewing the new Moon Knight comic annual and it was so much fun chatting with the likes of Tommy and Chad alongside fellow High Priest Connor. More on this later, but we’ve got a new platform we’re keen to test out!

In any case, this coming episode is a FUN one! My gosh, it has been ages and for so long I’ve wanted to have a chat with our special guest next episode, Derek, as I’ve been a huge fan of Derek and his co-hosts’ work on TV Podcast Industries (previously known as Defenders TV Podcast).

Derek, John and Chris allowed us to find our feet int he podcasting world, so we’ll be forever grateful to them, and anyway – it was such a pleasure to chat with Derek FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER face-to-face so to speak.



I’ve had the absolute pleasure of chatting with Derek’s co-host Chris Jones a couple of times on ITK, and we’ve had Derek and John narrate the ‘Bare Bones’ (long time listeners would know what that it – basically it’s the comic book synopsis) in the past, but this was the first time I actually got to speak to Derek, and all nerves aside (which comes with chatting with someone you look up to) it was an absolute blast!

I must also add this note in bold – 

**NOTE: Please note that events which take place during the upcoming ISLA RA occur BEFORE any announcement of the Moon Knight TV show**

I add this as Derek and I do talk about a ‘future’ Moon Knight show…but of course, as recent events tell us, we the Loonies have already nabbed a TV show as announced by Disney!!

Derek’s ISLA RA books are an eclectic and throughly entertaining read…I urge you to read these either before or after you listen to the show this coming weekend.

As always we present to you an option to either read ahead, or wait and be surprised by listening to Derek – 

Derek’s Top 4 Isla Ra (Desert Island) Comics: ???

As always, we aren’t giving anything away! Below you’ll find encrypted links to Derek’s books. These will be in the show nots as well, but if you want to prepare for the show and discover what books Derek has chosen – and read them ahead of our discussion – then look no further than below – 


  1. Derek’s Top Pick
  2. Derek’s 2nd Pick
  3. Derek’s 3rd Pick
  4. Derek’s 4th Pick


In other news, we tested a new platform last week (and a BIG shoutout to Capes and Lunatics, a fellow member of The Collective who put us onto the platform) called GetVokl.

It’s brilliant and opens up some possibilities for hosts and Loonies alike! It’s similar to Discord in the fact that it allows Loonies to converse with one another, and even do that in a video or audio capacity. It opens the door to the hosts in that we can now broadcast shows live with video and have it simulcast over Facebook and Twitter…! We won’t be doing this for every show we do (for instance, next episode will not be broadcast live as it’s already recorded and edited) but whenever an opportunity pops up, we may give it a go.

There’s also an ITK Welcome room which accommodates up to four Loonies who just want to hang out and chat away about anything Moon Knight related…

It seems like a heap of fun, so be sure to check it out and subscribe if you can!


Also, as a bit of a heads up – some Loonies recorded the second episode of the ROUNDTABLE ROBIN: A SIDEKICKS’ REVENGEANCE and I’ve got 80% of it completed. The utter tragedy is that one of the set of vocals didn’t successfully record, so it has been left incomplete and therefore delayed.

We at ITK and the Loonies involved are working hard to rectify this and we are looking to release this episode once I get the new vocals and it’s all edited together.

Some of you may have seen this featured as a GetVokl broadcast last weekend, and you would have caught the last two-thirds of it… there was actually another 20 minutes before the broadcast, which will be captured int he final cut of the podcast when it’s released, so you’ll get to hear the entire chat in all it’s glory!

A huge thanks to Rick, Tommy and Knol for meeting up to chat and record their thoughts on Moony and anything else they wanted to alk about (I hear Kaijus were discussed?? :P)

Keep your eyes out for this soon!


For those who listened to Episode 113, you would have heard the next thrilling chapter in our serial – Part Cinquieme: Serpientes de Caos…

For those who missed out, I’ll be releasing Part Cinquieme as a separate episode later this week…

As a suggestion, why not create a playlist and add Parts 1-5 together to get the whole picture?


Finally, I do the rounds once again and I obviously just can’t get enough of podcasting!

I’ll be guest co-host on the  Signal of Doom Podcast  this Friday alongside David Finn and it should be a hoot! Apart from dissecting the latest news in geek culture, we’ll review a handful of latest releases and we also will review The Walking Dead issues #1-12 for Dave’s Trade of the Week!

Always fun to chat with Dave and I might even see if Dave’s amenable to using GetVokl to record…we may even broadcast it as a vodcast!

I’ll also be recording another episode of Last Sons of Krypton – A Superman Podcast with my brother in arms, Connor McKenna. We’ll be reviewing DC Comics Presents #85 with Superman teaming up with the Swamp Thing. We’ll even have guests on the show too…a couple of hosts who have their own Swamp Things Podcast will join us to give their expert take on that gooey, swampy mess of a man!


You can always chat or leave feedback to us – 

We absolutely LOVE to hear from you, and will always address and give you shout outs on the show, so please don’t hesitate to drop us a line!

We’ve got various social media outlets and we use these to read Loony comments on the show – if you DON’T want your comments broadcast, please just add, “(DNB)” at the end of your comment, and we’ll be sure not to broadcast it. We’ll pick a few comments from here and discuss on the show!

That’s it for this newsletter – be sure to tune in this weekend for our Episode 114…I can’t urge you enough to not listen to me…but to the thoroughly entertaining Derek and his thoughts on comics, Moon Knight and watching your favourite TV shows…it’s a decent sized show with a surprise special guest to boot!!….OK, I’ll leave you with that little teaser….!:P

Stay well, and – 

May Khonshu Watch Over the Denizens of the (K)Night,


Proud Member of The Collective


Download This Episode Here!

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