ITK Newsletter, no. XCVI: LUNAR-PICK MODERN REVIEW – Moon Knight Vol. 6, issue #2


G’Day Loonies,

Another day, another dollar – it’s that time again where you sharpen your crescent darts and oil that mooncopter – we’ve another exciting episode hurtling your way, plus a few other bits of news from this week and from our own home front.

As mentioned in last week’s show, we’ve traded the Moon Phases between last week and this week, so this week we’ll be serving up – 




Since it has been a while, here’s a link to our previous episode where we did review issue #1 of the Bendis run – 

No announcement of any special guest co-host, so just stay tuned and listen in on the episode to see who joins me on what it’ll no doubt be a colourful review!


Some other news which I’m excited to tell you about too – I’ll be guest co-hosting on one of my favourite shows and alongside a mate of mine, Dave Finn on The Signal of Doom Podcast!

Image result for the signal of doom podcast

We’ll be recording this Friday night (Aussie Eastern time, GMT+10) with episode releasing I’m assuming during the if you’re not sick of my voice yet, then there will be two podcasts this weekend where I’ll be tootin’ my vocals on!

Also, I’ll discuss more on the show, but some of you may have noticed a little virtual store announced in our ITK FB Group. That’s right – there’s official ITK merchandise courtesy of the fine folks over at Tee Public. If you want to consider supporting the show and and pick yourself up some apparel or a mug, please visit our store – 

ITK Store Front @ TeePublic

 Finally, as per usual, I’ll post discussion threads for the upcoming LUNAR-PICK review. Thank you to all who have dropped thoughts and feedback for the issues – it’s really fun to read out and discuss on the show – please consider dropping a short message…if you liked it or even if you didn’t – we love to hear from you! Apart form the discussion threads posted up on Facebook and Twitter, you can always contact us on the other platforms shown below – 

A shorty, but a goody – I’ll wrap this up now as I’ve a few comics to read through in preparation for my guest spot on the Signal of Doom…

Catch you in the ITK community, and if you aren’t in there yet – come along and join – there are plenty of great Loonies to chat Moon Knight!

May Khonshu Watch Over the Denizens of the (K)Night,


Proud Member of The Collective


Download This Episode Here!

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