ITK Newsletter, no. XCV: TRADE/ARC REVIEW – Marc Spector: Moon Knight Vol. 3 #32-33













We here at ITK pride ourselves with promoting an open and inclusive community, so it’s with great pleasure that our next episode will be a crossover of sorts with fellow Collective podcast, The Ultimate Spider-Cast!

The Spider-Cast is one of a plethora of podcasts hosted by the fine people over at The Capes & Lunatics: Sidekicks Podcast, most notably Phil Perich and Lilith (I love the name!) Hellfire!

Part One of our Crossover includes an arc where our boi, Moon Knight crosses paths with not only the Black Symbiote Spider-man, but also the deadly and dangerous Demo-Goblin!

Part One should be available now, by the time this Newsletter drops, so please check it out on the link below:

The Ultimate Spider-Cast – Bonus Episode #27.5 (Spider-Cast/ITK Crossover)

Part Two will be our next episode coming up for your glorious listening pleasure, and we’ll also be joined by special guest co-host Phil, from the Ultimate Spider-Cast to make the crossover all but official!

I’m looking forward to chatting with Phil again and some of you may already know that we’ve collaborated in the past, with Phil’s very own ISLA RA episode ( ITK Episode 64 ) and I jumped onto his podcast to discuss one of my other passions, Peter David’s X-Factor run (Capes & Lunatics: X-Factor #71-#83)

We’ve made another deal with Khonshu and this time, we’re swapping the Phases of the Moon (the absence of Khonshu’s Sceptre allows this!) so what is meant to be a Waxing Crescent, we’ll pretend it’s a Waxing Gibbous….




As is our usual modus operandi, I’ll post up a discussion thread for these two issues, but please feel free to send us feedback also on the Spider-man issues featured on The Ultimate Spider-Cast!

Apart from the discussion thread on our FB Page and Group, you can also send us your thoughts on the platforms below…

OK, well, with June now behind us there have been the final standings of our #ITKMoonKnight Fantasy Comic League Division!

#ITKMoonKnight 2019 Fantasy Comic League – Final June Standings

Connorshu took out the month of May, and the other High Priest Rey takes out June…but hey, let’s give kudos to all the Loonies in the division! We’re doing pretty well against the other divisions…not quite there yet, but for our first go, I’d say we have to be pretty proud of our effort!

I’m in the process of getting FCL Host Brian on the show to chat all about our ITK Division’s effort and a bit more on the Fantasy Comic League for those who are interested…it’s heaps of fun, and it will be great to chat with Brian – more details of that to come! But in any case, here are the final score cards of June for your perusal!

High Priest of Khonshu, Reynaldo Gesmundo

I was lucky with this – I stuck to the tried and true and it managed to keep me in the lead by the skin of my teeth!…Like in Endgame, Stark pulled it out of the fire, for me…


Tommy ‘The Man on the Streets’ Kawel

Tommy is just one point shy of joining the lead at the end of the month, and it were the powerhouses of Punisher and Thor which sold it for him…come to think of it, Daredevil cracked over 20 points too, so all cylinders were firing for Tommy here…


Dustin ‘Cold Case’ Kurtz

Dustin takes the middle of the pack and as you can see, Wolverine did most of the point scoring…no guesses as to who Cold Case will hold onto going into July…and with the Wolverine vs. Blade mini coming out, you’d think he may hold onto the Daywalker too…


High Priest of Khonshu, Connorshu Stephens

My priest in arms, poor Connorshu has been the victim of i) not being able to retain any of his roster from the previous month of May since he topped the division, ii) two of his roster were auto-drafted due to late submission of drafts…Captain Marvel fired big time, but not even the power cosmic of the Silver Surfer and ‘Silver Surfer: Black’ could help our High Priest this time…


‘The Power of’ Chad Jernigan

If anything, Chad is consistent! Sticking true to his original roster, Chad manages to work a bit of magic via the efforts of the She-Hulk, but unfortunately Loki and X-23 had a pretty quiet month. There’s that Loki mini series on it’s way which may prove a dark horse for The Power of Chad. One of Chad’s favourite characters may finally gain his time in the sun!


 As for how we fared against the other divisions…we’re getting there, but we’re up against some seasoned, experienced teams…

#RedRoom 390

#Midtown 387

#Asgard 322

#ITKMoonKnight 296

As before, #RedRoom and #Midtown don’t have a Spidey ban, hence the larger numbers (Spidey is a MASSIVE VIP in FCL!)

OH! Just one thing about our on-going podcast serial….let me know if you want to be part of THE HUNT FOR KHONSHU’S GOLDEN SCEPTRE.

I’ve already written parts 4-6, but if you want to weigh in and write a 3 mins episode, let us know!! Always glad to share the Moony love, and this time, it’s the Loonies who try and track down Khonshu’s Holy relic!

Or, if you want to hear yourself on the show, and want to give a go at voice acting, hit us up and we’ll write you in! It’s all a bit of fun, and after speaking with Wayne (who co-hosted on last week’s episode) I may just put these all together and make one continuous serial and post on our website or something… it’ll be a proud achievement and if you want to be ‘immortalised’ in our premium production, you just need say the word!

As one final FINAL thing – I’m so dang excited…! I placed my order for the Mezco One:12 White Moon Knight figure…it is such a beautiful looking figure with all the accessories, I just couldn’t ignore it…won’t be available in Australia until November 28th, so I’m already saving my pennies for when it does turn up on my Standing Order!

Right – ee – oh!

That about wraps it for this lil newsletter – be sure to drop by our ITK community to discuss and share anything Moon Knight related!

Keep listening;

May Khonshu Watch Over the Denizens of the (K)Night,


Proud Member of The Collective


Download This Episode Here!

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