ITK Newsletter, no. LXXXVII: LUNAR-PICK MODERN COMIC REVIEW! – Moon Knight Vol. 5, #15

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Heya oooohhhh!

Hello there Loonies – we are back once again fresh faced and bushy tailed to give you another newsletter from the Temple of Khonshu!

Big things have been moving and shaking in the Geek World, so we have all three High Priests – Connor, Rebecca and myself – back on board to have a good ol’ chat and a chinny chinny wag-wag!




The episode is also a little pearler, as we review a comic from a listener request! Yessir, one of our dedicated Loonies, James Young wrote in requesting we look at this very cool Volume 5 issue (it would have to be one of my all time favourites) and so we go through the issue and highlight what we love or hate about it in our own inimitable way!!

Before that, however, there’s a spoiler-filled discussion on Avengers Endgame (so please be warned!!) and the High Priests get to expound on what they mostly loved about the epic, and truly grand finale to the MCU first phase!

Again, we have jumped ahead and entered the Quantum Realm, so the episode is actually already done and dusted and ready to be rolled out. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get your thoughts in though! We always love to hear from you, so please let us know what you think of both the movie and the Huston/Coker issue!

As always, you can reach us on ANY of the below social media platforms – please do drop us a line – we always love to hear from fellow Loonies…and we’ll definitely give you a shout out on the show!!

If you DON’T want your comments broadcast, please just add, “(DNB)” at the end of your comment, and we’ll be sure not to broadcast it. We’ll pick a few comments from here and discuss on the show!

It’s also worth noting that for this issue, you should check out our previous episode way back in May 2018 when the Rickball Special and I discuss the very same issue in his ISLA RA Session!

Big thanks to James for writing in and requesting the issue – it was fun to chat with Rebecca and Connor(shu) to gather their thoughts too – we hope you enjoy the show!

May Khonshu Watch Over the Denizens of the (K)Night,


Proud Member of The Collective


Download This Episode Here!

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