ITK Newsletter, no. LXVIII: Infinity Warps – Here Comes Arach-Knight Again!

Hey there Loonies!

It’s another newsletter for this week, prepping all the Loonies out there with what to expect for our upcoming show!

Now, I would like to just lay it all on the line here and claim that Moon Knight Vol. 1 #1 appears to have the same sort of curse that befell the family of Bruce Lee, and the actors who portrayed Superman… there just seems to be something which has prevented us from reviewing it!

And the next episode is no exception! So, DESPITE what was said last episode, the Lunar-Pick CLASSIC Review for Doug Moench’s Moon Knight Vol. 1 #1 will not be carried out this weekend…and we’ll need to await the next Waning Crescent in order to do so.

In it’s stead, we have the second and final issue of,



We should have the full complement of High Priests which will be fun (we haven’t done that in a while!), but we’ll also be joined by a special guest, and Spidey afficianado, Chris Jones from the Defenders TV Podcast! We’ll be firing on all cylinders!!

As always, current run issues always supersedes any review which are deemed via the phases of the moon, so we’ll be shelving Moench’s Moon Knight #1 yet again, for another day!

This issue is alot of fun and continues where Hopeless left off with issue #1. It’s a short and sharp arc, but anything to do with Moony (albeit in an amalgamated form) is always a pleasure to read!

As usual, I’ll post up a discussion thread on the FB group if anyone wants to add their thoughts for the issue. Of course, there are other conventional ways to contact us and drop us a line – 

Apologies for the slight tardiness of this newsletter – things have been a bit hectic here, but all under control! Speaking of which, I gotta get back to looking after the pasta on the stove – so I’ll leave you here – please be sure to give it a good read, and share your thoughts if you can!! This should be a fun one!!

May Khonshu Watch Over the Denizens of the (K)Night,


Proud Member of The Collective


Download This Episode Here!

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