ITK Newsletter, no. LXVII: Moon Knight Fan Film!

Hello Loony Listeners!!

It’s another fresh week and coming up, we have something of a first (kind of) on the upcoming episode – Friday will give us our first Full Moon, hence we’ll be doing a TV/Film review!

It certainly has been a while since the last time Connor(shu) and I had a good look at Moony’s on screen appearances. Last time it was teh animated appearance of Moon Knight in the Secret Wars Avengers Animated series at the beginning of the year – this time, it’s an honest to goodness fan film! Yessiree – it’s made from alot of love for the character and comes courtesy of one of the Loonies themselves – Alex Looman!

Added to this, we are hoping(!) to get Alex on the show to talk us through his short film, as well as ask him of his plans for more Moon Knight down the track, or other Marvel properties which may be in the works…

If you’ve not had a look at the fan film yet (from Alex’s branded production of YTMCU), you can find it here – 

YTMCU – Moon Knight Fan Film

If you’d like to drop us your thoughts, or if there is anything you’d like to ask Alex, please contact us on any of the platforms below – 

This should be a fun one and very much look forward to having a good chat with Alex – it will be interesting to know how he got started, why he chose Moon Knight as first choice to do a fan film, as well as what his favourite Moon Knight run is!

This is not to be missed – please be sure to check out the film and hope to have you with us to listen and enjoy some good ol’ fashioned discussion!! 🙂

Alrighty – that’s it from me in this here newsletter – we forever wish for you….

May Khonshu Watch Over the Denizens of the (K)Night,


Proud Member of The Collective


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