ITK Newsletter, no. LXV: Lunar-Pick MODERN RUN: Moon Knight Vol.7, #4


New and Old Loonies alike!

Welcome again to a rather late entry newsletter from the ITK stables. I do hope you accept my apologies, or as Hugh Laurie once said in Blackadder 2, “my appa-low-gees”…

This coming episode (which will be a day late or so, but after three episodes in one week, you gotta cut us some slack! :P) we’ll be returning to the MODERN run lunar-pick, courtesy of a waxing crescent – 





Although we’ve technically covered this in a chat on an ISLA RA session with podcaster Scott Weatherly (see episode 54), the High Priests thought it would be good to still dedicate an episode to it, and discuss it amongst themselves…! Again, this is a Warren Ellis / Declan Shalvey two-punch issue which doesn’t fail to impress yet again!

As always, I’ll post a discussion thread on the FB group, and if you DON’T want your comments read out, please denote a “(DNB)” at the end (i.e ‘Do Not Broadcast’).

Facebook isn’t the only way to catch us of course – there’s plenty of ways to get your thoughts in, for this episode – 

It’s a return to the grass roots format, after an impressive line up of special guests and guest Loonies on the show! Just the High Priests, doing their THANG, and loving every minute!

I hear Connor(Shu) will be sporting his new audio equipment, so keep a keen ear out on his dulcet tones, and please let us know just how honey-comb sounding his vocals sound on this episode!

Finally, please note the link above to the Discord Server which ITK have been running for a while now. Thanks to discussions with the Venomaniacs (who do the same on their show)…we want to bring the Loonies closer to the show THAN EVER BEFORE!

More details will be in the Discussion post in the FB Group, but Loonies will be able to follow the show ‘Real Time’ through Discord, and there will be an online feed with which they can drop their thoughts as the show goes!! Exciting stuff, all very new, and we may trial it in the coming shows…! Again, I’ll put the Discord link in with the Discussion Thread, so you can just join up..I’ll also post up the time that we will be recording, so if it works with you – hope to see you there!!

As you can see, we’re continually bringing you the best we can in all things Moon Knight (and in the best way we can!)…!

Hope to catch you at the show!…

May Khonshu Watch Over the Denizens of the (K)Night,


Proud Member of The Collective


Download This Episode Here!

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