ITK Newsletter, no. LXI: Moon Knight Vol. 7, #3

Fair Loonies,

It is as Khonshu demanded, another newsletter coming at you for this week, in preparation for our next episode of ITK!

Episode 66 will feature a modern run review, as prophesied by Khonshu’s Eye in the sky – 


…as always, we must heed the call, and so the two High Priests gear up and get ready to tackle yes – another one of those gems as written by top guru, Warren Ellis –  



As you know, we’ve loved reviewing the Ellis run so far and believe me this isn’t any different!

Also, there’s a slight variation to the upcoming episode in the fact that…well, Connor and I from a few weeks ago will be going BACK TO THE FUTURE, and airing our thoughts from the past, in the future (….are you still with me?)…. yes, in other words – we’ve pre-recorded the episode a few weeks ago (as we had spare time) and the review is ready to go.

Needless to say, Connor and I have fun with it, by trying to predict what our future selves will say between then and now… so get ready for a few hot takes which may very well end up being hot messes!

I’ll post a discussion thread on the Facebook Group once again, but please note we won’t be reading out any feedback, as – well – the episode is pretty much in the can already. However, do not let that stop you! We always love hearing your thoughts, so please feel free to write in via any of the links below, and if you’re keen, it may get read on future shows!

I tell a little fib in that the episode isn’t truly in the can just yet, as we’ll be sure to include one of our newer segments, ‘The Word on the Street…’ with any current news articles or points of discussion that our ‘Man on the Street’ Tommy Kawel, may have for us!

This may not only be Moon Knight news (because, let’s face it, there’s hardly ever any Moon Knight news of note!) but will cover some key talking points in the comics or entertainment industry which may take your fancy!

Thank you once again, dear listeners (and readers!) for following our little show – if you do feel the urge, please leave us an iTunes Rating (yes, they are still a thing!)…this just helps us cast a bigger net amongst the vast mass of podcasts out there…and you never know – you may help another fair Loony find their way to our podcast and our wonderful community!

Alright, time to get this newsletter to the printers and into your hot little hands – take a look up in the sky, and give a nod to Khonshu’s Eye…and as always….

May Khonshu Watch Over the Denizens of the (K)Night,


Proud Member of The Collective


Download This Episode Here!

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