ITK Newsletter, no. LVI: The Hulk! Vol. 1, issue #20

Hello again Loonies!!

Up for another newsletter? This one has come a little late, but hopefully it will give you enough heads up to grab this upcoming episodes comic for review, The Hulk! issue #20, which catalogues the next appearance og Moon Knight is our journey of the Classic Run – 



The High Priests of Khonshu, Connor and Rey will have a go at discussing this issue, and it must be remembered that the ‘Marvel Preview’ issue #21 (which is technically the actual comic next chronologically) has already been covered by the High Priests – so no need to do that again!

If you are interested in our review of Marvel Preview #21, please check out our Episode 1 – Flying Jackals and Squeaky Velvet, all those episodes ago!!

I’ll keep this short, as I literally have to get ready for some piano students… so as usual, you can drop us a line on any of the platforms below…I’ll also pin up a Discussion Thread of Hulk #20 in case you’d like to drop your thoughts on Facebook too!!


Our newest segment of ‘The Word on the Street from Your Man on the Street’ by Tommy, I’m not sure we’ll have for this episode, as I’ve left it all too late and I don’t want to hassle Tommy at this late hour..! But rest assured, I’ll discuss with the good man, and see if he’s keen to do more down the track!

OK, am outta here – be good, keep listening, and thank you so much for the support!


May Khonshu Watch Over the Denizens of the (K)Night,


Proud Member of The Collective


Download This Episode Here!

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