ITK Newsletter, no. LIV: Marc Spector: Moon Knight #19-21

Hello Travellers of the Night!

It’s mid-week yet again so as always (or as close to a regular issuing of this newsletter that I can manage!) we have the latest ITK Newsletter for your eager eyes!

Further to our previous episode, it seems myself and Connor-Shu will NOT be making it for the latest episode, but we do have another special episode lined up for you!

‘How?’ I hear you ask? Well, due to his massive generosity, we’ll be welcoming back special guest Josh ‘Geronimo’ Johnson (of whom you’d be familiar with from episode 56, and from his ISLA RA appearance in episode 51)…

Josh will be joined by friend and ex-colleague in arms, Chris Bisaccia, and the two of them will wax lyrical on all things Moony and comics!



We’re sticking close to the Moon, and as mentioned, with the Waxing Gibbous making an appearance on the weekend, ITK will cover an arc and this time round, Josh has chosen a prelude of sorts, to the ever popular ‘Round Robin – A Sidekick’s Revenge’!

I’ll put a discussion post on the ITK group and Page again – so please get typing and get your thoughts in on this cool window into the wacky 90’s yet again!

Contact us through –


Before signing off, I’ve gotta say once again we here at ITK feel so blessed with having such a cool group of Moony fans to interact with! Whether it be helping out on the show; guesting on the show or sending in feedback, it’s brilliant to meet new members every day, and to keep chatting away with regular Loonies who obviously know and love their stuff!

Please keep it up and spread the word on Moon Knight and our show if you can! MK deserves to be up there with the other top tier superheroes and I think with our collective voice, we can do it!!

Word of Mouth, social media or iTunes reviews (wink wink) would be PERFECT platforms to bring Khonsh….er, I mean Moon Knight into his deserved glory!

OK, I’m getting weird now… better sign off… catch you around!

May Khonshu Watch Over the Denizens of the (K)Night,


Proud Member of The Collective

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