ISLA RA BOOKS Reading Club, no. LI: Friends of ITK: Scott Weatherly


Hello Loony Listeners!

Bet you didn’t expect this? :P… Yep, I’m writing this well in advance, as by now you’ve probably heard that I’ve had to take a leave of absence, as Eef and I have welcomed in our first son, Finn!

As mentioned previously, I did not want to leave you high and dry so although the ITK podcast has been humming along with absolutely great episodes produced by the likes of Connor-Shu, Rebecca (who just last weekend discussed the highly awesome MK #197) and one of our favourite Loonie, ‘The Man on the Streets’ Tommy (with his friend and co-host Matthew ‘Murdock the Lawyer’), I thought I’d drop in a prerecorded show featuring an ISLA RA session with 20th Century Geek host, Scott Weatherly!

Scott’s Top 4 Isla Ra (Desert Island) Comics: ???

(As always, we aren’t giving anything away just yet! Be sure to listen to the episode, and check out the show notes if you want! That way, you can prep yourselves and read along with our chat…or, after listening to the show, use the show notes to refer you as to where to find them!)

Scott’s books are fantastic and his fandom for Moon Knight can’t be denied! We also hear about Scott’s origins into comics; his local comic store as well as who his favourite writer is!

Make sure to tune in to learn more about those fantastic things out there called comics, as well as the local stores which work so hard to bring you what you love!

We’d always love to hear from you and you can send us your thoughts at –

OK, a short one from me – take care and I guess I’ll try and get as much sleep as I can…Finn is like Mr. Knight… he surveys the night and is most active when others are asleep! hyuk hyuk hyuk…

Til then!

May Khonshu Watch Over the Denizens of the (K)Night,


Proud Member of The Collective

Download This Episode Here!

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