SPECIAL 50TH EPISODE! Gifts from Khonshu

My fellow Loonies – my fellow Travellers of the Night,

It’s been approximately one year ago that we decided to cobble this hodge-podge of a podcast together and to provide a fan base for all those who felt that Moon Knight deserved so much more….

Can you believe it? We are almost at our milestone 50th episode, and boy oh boy, have we pulled out all the stops!!

It will by FAR be our biggest episode to date and I’m holding back every fibre in my being not to spill the beans on what we have in store!

What I can say is that we’ll have an extended panel once again with all three High Priests of Khonshu (Connor, Rebecca and Rey) joined by the force of nature which is, ‘The Power of Chad’ Jernigan! The ITK community and this 50th episode coming up being a celebration of the great community we have going on across all our social media!

As you can tell from the images above, we’ll be returning to the Isla Ra Books format with a mystery guest – so this should be plenty of fun!!!! No spoilers as to what the books will be, however there will be encrypted links to the books in the episode summary, so for those who wish to find out what the books are before listening to the podcast, then you can do so and potentially read along to the discussion.

As mentioned, we have a mystery guest (or two!) on the show and as always we’ll be asking the Isla Ra questions – as well as for the very first time, trekking to the Isla Ra to meet, greet and discuss the comics!

I don’t want to give anything away – but I’ll leave just a clue here, for you…our guest has a connection to Moon Knight in some capacity!;)…That’s all I’ll say – you heard it here!

Mystery Guest’s Top 4 Isla Ra (Desert Island) Comics: ???

(As always, we aren’t giving anything away just yet! Be sure to listen to the episode, and check out the show notes for the encrypted links to the desert island books! That way, you can prep yourselves and read along with our chat…but for those who don’t want to be spoiled, you won’t be able to see the books unless you click the link!)

It being a big thing for us, why not send us a message or anything related to our big 50th episode! You can do so on any of the links below…We’ll be sure to read them out on the show – perhaps you can even try and guess our mystery guest and send messages to him/her/them!! 😛

This also almost feels like a last hurrah of sorts, as many of you know little Bushman is due to arrive sometime in late July – so I really don’t have much time left! Although I’ll be taking a hiatus when the time comes, to battle projectile vomiting, soiled nappies and sleepless nights, have no fear – the show will go on!!

After our big 50th episode, there will be a mixture of some pre-recorded Isla Ra Interviews conducted int he lead up to our 50th as well as a show or two by Rebecca and Connor, and even good friend of the show ‘Our Man on the Streets’ Tommy chiming in to give us an episode with a couple of his friends!!

Plenty of good times ahead!! Right now, it’s all about bringing to you the very best 50th episode we can – so a big thanks once again for all your support Loonies! We truly could not do it without you – thanks for listening and for contributing or just dropping into our groups to read, chat, post or share!! We love you all, and here’s to 50 gazillion more episodes to come!

May Khonshu Watch Over the Denizens of the (K)Night,


Proud Member of The Collective


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