LUNAR-PICK Book Review no. XXXXV: The Hulk! Vol. 1, issue #17


Welcome back fair Loonies, to another newsletter for you – this time, there has been a slight change in format, which may or may not be timely, as we slowly head to our one year anniversary!

Such an exciting maiden year we’ve had at Into the Knight, so in order to keep things fresh, thought it wise to update our newsletter to update our new format which we are trialling on the show!

Next coming show, we continue our short, sharp review of the next appearance of Moon Knight during his early years int eh Marvel universe –


What was once OVER THE MOON (where we reviewed both a clasic and modern run, with a Bare Bones narration, 4 Aspects and Crescent Dart Ratings), we now have what I call the LUNAR-PICK of the week! :)..We’re still sticking to chronological, but this time it’s only one issue (though, we’ll have to see how this goes, as there are many Loonies hankering to hear reviews of the more modern runs!….to which I parry with, “we can’t forget his history!” :P)

The LUNAR-PICK will have –

– Quick Fire Synopsis

– White Noise (Discussion on issue)

– Moon Rating…Old, Half, Three-Quarter or Full Moon

You might be wondering why the change in format? Apart from keeping things fresh, there are also a few other reasons which I’ve decided to try something new.

First of all – as some of you may know, my time allowed to dedicate to the show may suddenly become quite limited, as myself and Eef (my partner) will be expecting a little Moon-Pie of our own soon! Yes, am entering fatherhood so I just hope I can do a better job than Marc’s father….and hope our son doesn’t have to turn to Egyptian gods to find faith a solace! So, by having a shorter format, hopefully Connor and I can still pump out some quality episodes for you without trying to fit too much in with the limited time I’d have.

The other reason is that it will give us time to be able to flesh out our OTHER segment which seems to be gaining some traction – our ISLA RA BOOKS interviews with Loonies such as yourself! Admittedly, there is a bit of extra time needed in post-production to produce the radio-play format we’ve started – it’s heaps of fun not only interacting and learning about our fellow Loonies, but with the magic of podcasting, we’re able to interact with Moon Knight and his  cast of friends, as well as travel to virtually any destination to spice things up! They are an absolute joy to do, and we’ve received so many Loonies keen to jump on the show and tell us about their four desert island books – so it’s something we’d still like to pursue.

Please let us know what you think of the new format or if you want to drop your thoughts on the issue before the episode, please do too, and we’ll be sure to read them out! I’ll start putting a thread in the FB Group too, if you want to leave your comments there! Otherwise, you can contact us on –

There’s nothing wrong with shaking up the formula a bit – would be interested to know what you think! :)… Big big thanks for all your support and contribution to the show and social media groups so far – Moony fans are the BEST!!

May Khonshu Watch Over the Denizens of the (K)Night,


Proud Member of The Collective


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