Episode 44 – The Collective Here, There and Everywhere


All High Priests are back for this latest offering from the mind of Max Bemis!

Rebecca, Connor(Shu) and Rey discuss the latest news, releases and have a right old discussion on issue #195 which introduces a new villain to the Marvel Universe – The Collective!


Moon Knight Vol. 9, issue #195 – “Beware The Collective!”

And no, the Collective Network is not one int he same with the globule of a flesh monster!

Plenty of feedback too from the unstoppable Loonies!!

Time again to grab your copies and follow along!


Moon Knight Volume 9, issue #195 – ‘Beware the Collective!’

Released 23rd May 2018

(writer) Max Bemis

(guest artist) Paul Davidson

(colourist) Mat Lopes

(letterer) VC’s Corey Petit

(cover artist) Becky Cloonan; (variant cover) Greg Smallwood

(editor) Jake Thomas

BARE BONES- Narrator, narrated by Rey

An odd man named Maurice conducts a meeting with four very disparate individuals in the hope to fuse their very personalities and minds into one being called The Collective. There’s Julie, a creative-type who writes and collects human skulls; Ty – a romantic nihilist who racks up his sexual conquests in the form of unwashed jeans; Samantha – a lover of hate; and Peter a nervous social outcast, filled with enthusiasm for everyone else.

With all five participants willing and able, the experiments to combine them body and soul commences….

Five months and 73 failed experiments later, Maurice finally decides to try something drastic. At a secret AIM hideout, Maurice links up with his cousin working there and gains access to a strange glowing pink orb. The five participants all touch the orb and in an impressive blaze of glory, they are combined into one. They do not stop there, however, and Maurice’s poor cousin becomes their first victim – absorbed into The Collectives ever growing self.

Elsewhere, deep within Marc Spector’s mind, his separate identities converse whilst fishing into a tumultuous, boiling ocean. Jake gives Marc grief for not killing his enemies to which Marc responds that that is not what he does anymore-mostly. Behind them, Steven Grant sulks in silence whilst Khonshu busies himself with a fishing rod. He gets a bite and pulls it up, only to reveal Marlene’s head on the end. Marc’s dreaming and reality converge, as in the real world, Marlene is prodding Marc to silence his phone. Marc, Marlene and their daughter, Diatrice are in the cinema and amongst many an angered movie goer, Marc receives an alert of criminal activity which he later excuses himself to the chagrin of Mother and daughter.

Later, in Queens and flying in on his Moon Glider, Moon Knight zeroes in on the crime which appears to be in the Hall Of Science. The local cops at first aren’t willing to point Moon Knight in the right direction, but after having realised the Fist of Khonshu’s reputation, they comply and meekly point Moon Knight towards the melee.

Inside the museum, Moon Knight is confronted with an horrific and ghastly sight – The Collective has grown (having absorbed people along the way) and towers above him with fleshy limbs and tendrils yearning to grab him. The Collective continues to grow despite Moon Knight’s efforts and the two are momentarily distracted by an armed helicopter spraying bullets into the museum the fleshy beast and narrowly missing our hero. The Collective hurls a dinosaur’s skull at the helicopter, bringing it down with a crash. It hasn’t forgotten Moon Knight, and in a globulous mess it charges towards him. Moon Knight skillfully evades the monster and unsheathes some new weapons – this time a double sword unwrapped from his utility belt – and attacks The Collective. Although he gets in some nasty hits, and slices through The Collective, the sheer bulk of his enemy overwhelms him and in a flurry of chaos, Moon Knight is absorbed!

Deep within the mind of The Collective, Marc and his other identities – Jake, Steven and Khonshu – head towards the end of a tunnel. They are greeted by Maurice, who this time looks more like a trippy cherub, and he welcomes them to the Hive Mind of The Collective. It seems that Moon Knight’s battle will continue – but it will be from within…!

Crescent Darts:

Rey: 🌙🌙🌙 🌙 

Connor:  🌙🌙🌙 🌙 1/2

Rebecca: 🌙🌙🌙 1/2

Average Total: 🌙🌙🌙 🌙 





Proud Member of The Collective

Download Episode 44 Here!

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