Episode 42 – Vengeance!


High Priest of Khonshu Rey accompanies you the listener, as the reviews of Moon Knight both Classic and Modern continue…

CLASSIC RUN: The Hulk! Magazine Vol. 1, issue #14 – ‘A Cure for Chaos’

MODERN RUN: Moon Knight Vol. 5, issue #5 – ‘The Bottom Part V of VI: Friendless and Alone’

Connor(Shu) deserves a well earned rest from the epic episode last week, so Rey chimes in and looks at a bit (a very bit) of news, but also the happenings in the ITK FB community as well as a valued new member on the ITK Twitter account!

Plus, listener feedback and many a mad man rambling! 🙂

Enjoy fair Loonies!


The Hulk! Magazine Vol. 1 #14 – “A Cure for Chaos”

Released April 1979

(writer) Doug Moench

(artist) Ron Wilson

(inkers)  Rudy Nebres

(colourist) Steve Oliff

(editor-in-chief) Jim Shooter

Marc Spector makes a jump at the Moon Knight imposter, as he still works undercover amongst the group of terrorists with the plutonium. As the scene becomes more chaotic with the appearance of the White Knight, the terrorists open fire on both Marc and the costumed vigilante, seemingly disposing of them both. The terrorists soon leave the two men in the bushes and return to their nuclear cargo . Once left on their own, Marc springs back into action, only having played possum and luckily having avoided the spray of bullets. The mysterious Moon Knight imposter is not so lucky and as his corpse lies blood ridden, Marc changes into his own Moon Knight costume and makes tracks, to catch up with the terrorists.

Moon Knight manages to mark one of the getaway cars with invisible ink and instructs Frenchie to follow the car, from above in the Mooncopter. Moon Knight himself hitches a ride on the other car full of the crims, in the hope it will take him to their leader.

Elsewhere the two masterminds, Lupinar and Smelt, ponder whether their ruse to deploy the phony Moon Knight had worked. Having not heard from him, they wonder if the real Moon Knight had indeed surfaced. A call is received form their men and to Smelt’s surprise, Lupinar instructs that Smelt give the men the address to which they are currently at. It seems Lupinar has another deceptive plan that even his right-hand man is unaware of.

Smelt instructs the men to arrive at their headquarters at night, so the men play the waiting game, unaware that Moon Knight, too, stalks them in the shadows and patiently waits for them to continue their journey to Lupinar and Smelt.

Meanwhile Frenchie has some trouble convincing the authorities of the impending danger the city of New York face. He is stalwart, however, and persistent in gaining a result.

Back with Moon Knight, and with the blanket of night concealing him, our Avatar of Vengeance is able to enter the estate of Lupinar and Smelt. After dispatching a couple of the criminals in the car, Moon Knight confronts Smelt at the front door and overcomes him with ease.

He meets Lupinar face to face, and discovers the mastermind seems more beast than man. An unfortunate victim of Hypertrichosis (or the Hirsute disease), Lupinar is wolf like and his appearance belies his bloodthirsty rage.

He challenges Moon Knight to a dual with swords, intent on beating the superhero who has mastered all forms of combat and weaponry. The fight is intense and it is soon discovered via Moon Knight’s cowl that Frenchie has apprehended the terrorist attack. With nothing left to lose, Lupinar forcibly fights with honour and falls on Moon Knight’s sword, rather than face the crimes committed.

Another mad plan thwarted, there’s nothing left to do, but to return to the mansion with Marlene, and get ready for a more relaxed evening out.

Rey:  🌙🌙🌙 

Moon Knight  Vol. 5 #5 – “The Bottom (Part V of VI) – Friendless and Alone”

Released October 2006

(writer) Charlie Huston

(artist) David Finch

(inkers)  Danny Miki and Crimelab Studios

(colourist) Frank D’Armata

(letterer) VC’s Joe Caramagna

(editors) Daniel Ketchum & Axel Alonso

Marc faces a double barrelled soliloquy from both the New Committee and Taskmaster. After having crashed through Grant mansion and overpowered both Marc and a now unconscious Marlene, Taskmaster gloats in front of the beaten Marc, and reminisces over his previous occupation as a trainer for hire. Taskmaster also points out that Marc’s fighting style is certainly one that Tasky does not like to copy – he’s never known someone who’d rather take the hit than dodge it. Concurrently, as Taskmaster spouts out his random thoughts, the New Committee speak to Marc via a video hooked up to the television. The New Committee find Spector guilty of the murders of their fathers and sentence Marc to a grievous punishment.

Taskmaster implores Marc to stop squirming and to allow him to do his job. Having felt that Marc has been tortured and beaten enough, Taskmaster plans on beheading Marc to finalise his contract. Marc puts up a struggle, distracting Tasky enough for Marlene to attack him with gunfire. Taskmaster blocks the bullets and Marlene’s gun as well and threatens Marlene if she tries to unblock the barrel of the gun. It turns out that Marlene proves to be a double distraction for Taskmaster and suddenly Taskmaster is stabbed in the foot with the crescent dart still impaled through Marc’s hand. Marlene pushes forward but even this is neutralized by the experienced villain. It’s not until a third party – that of Samuels the butler – enters the room with a blunderbuss, that Taskmaster is final beaten. He is flung out of the window by the gun blast, and manages to escape before Marc can inflict any further damage.

With the threat gone, Marc, Marlene, Samuels and Nedda leave the mansion and head towards one of Moon Knight’s hideouts, for some recovery time.

Marc seems driven by vengeance, and after Marlene patches him up, Marc shuffles his bruised and battered body to his gear and dons on his Moon Knight visage. The fight isn’t over yet, as Taskmaster had threatened to kill all of Marc’s loved ones. Marlene is afraid for the likes of Gena, her boys Rick and Ray and Crawley …but Moon Knight swears that vengeance will be served. Gingerly making his way to the Mooncopter, Moon Knight straps in and flies off, in pursuit of Taskmaster and the New Committee.

As Taskmaster reconvenes with the New Committee at their undisclosed office, an argument arises as Taskmaster believes his contract assured him Moon Knight would be ‘Friendless and Alone’. The New Committee aren’t happy with Taskmaster either as he had failed to killl Moon Knight, let alone his family and friends.

What the villains do not see is a Mooncopter on a crash course towards their office. Before anyone can do anything, there is an almighty explosion as the Mooncopter ploughs through the building facade, wiping out the New Committee. Taskmaster is shaken but still alive and fumbles his way towards the cockpit. The windscreen bursts upwards and crushes Taskmaster against the ceiling. Out of the Mooncopter comes an angered Moon Knight. He’s ready to finish this and all that comes out of his mouth is the word….”Vengeance”

Rey:  🌙🌙🌙 🌙 1/2




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