OVER THE MOON Reading Club, no. XXXVI: Infinity War Special!

Why Hello, Fellow Loonies!!

I bet you are excited as all hell for the arrival of Avengers Infinity War hitting cinemas all over the world from the 25th, 26th and 27th of April!

I don’t know about you , but I certainly have my tickets and already I’m planning on when I can see it again! :P…Geez, we live in a crazy world! Anyway – to mark the arrival of this monumental premiere, we’ll be doing a little Infinity War Special of our own, but with a Moon Knight twist!

Yes, that’s right – we’ll be covering all the issues of the Moon Knight run which were classified as tie-ins to the Infinity events. In this case there was Infinity War: the Marvel Event that came off the back of the highly successful Infinity Gauntlet Event….er….which is what Infinity War the movie is based (does that make sense?); and we have a one issue run of the Infinity Crusade tie-in. Both events occurred during that golden era of comics, the 90’s, so that’s the Marc Spector: Moon Knight series for those who aren’t in the know! 🙂

For those avidly following our OVER THE MOON reviews, don’t worry, we’ll be sure to give the issues the proper Bare Bones et al treatment, but for this episode, we thought it would be fun to just discuss them as a whole and to intertwine that with our thoughts of the coming movie as well,


Marc Spector: Moon Knight, issues #41-44, 57

You might also be wondering what all those other images of comic covers are for.

“Hey, Rey – hasn’t ITK finished with the DAMNATION reviews?”

Why yes, I’m glad you asked as I have some very cool news for y’all!

Yep, turns out the High Priests of Khonshu are leaping off the rooftops and flying into the gaping maw of the night!

This weekend will be a busy but one helluva fun time as we will also be guesting on two (count them – TWO!) other podcasts! We’ll have an audio review in the Inner Demons – A Ghost Rider Podcast which will be reviewing a Ghost Rider / Moon Knight Crossover PLUS their DAMNATION review tie-in book,

Marc Spector: Moon Knight, issue #25

Johnny Blaze: Ghost Rider, issue #1

as well as I will be packing my rucksack, hiring a Sherpa and trekking into the unknown and arriving at Kun Lun where I’ll be a guest on the Sons of the Dragon: The Immortal Iron Fist Podcast ! I’ll be throwing my to cents into their review of their last DAMNATION tie-in which will round off the Iron Fist tie-in issues,

Iron Fist Vol. 5 , issue #80

Should be very fun indeed and look forward to joining the hosts of the two podcasts. For those that have been listening recently, they along with Defenders TV Podcast, have joined us in the joint effort that has been the DAMNATION Event review! We’ve nearly reviewed all the issues related to DAMNATION and am very excited to join the other podcasts in augmenting our podcast crossover event!

I’ll post a Thread in the ITK Group as usual, where you can drop your comments on the comics we’ll be reviewing. Otherwise, you are more than welcome to drop us a line in one of the various platforms as shown below!

Wow, this newsletter has been lengthy, but it’s been that way since there is so much to say, and that it has recently been so much fun podcasting. We can only hope that you’ve been enjoying the episodes as much as we have been making them! Thanks so much once again for listening and I hope to see you in our FB group, or online in some way to keep the Moon Knight fandom alive and kicking! Let’s all still be here when they finally release the Moon Knight TV Show or movie!! Take care, and as always –

May Khonshu Watch Over the Denizens of the (K)Night,


Proud Member of The Collective

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