Episode 38 – Holy Fountains, Moon Knight! , aka Damnation Crossover Part 12


The High Priests of Khonshu continue with the reviews of Scarlet Spider as part of the DAMNATION podcast crossover event:


This being Part 12 of the DAMNATION reviews, there are only a handful of reviews left, so please be sure to listen to the other podcasts to complete the set!

The Defenders TV Podcast released Part 11 of the reviews just this weekend too, so be sure to give that a listen. For the link to that podcast episode and for a link to the entire canon of reviews, please check the Show Notes below!

Apart from the OVER THE MOON review for issue #17, we also have a small dish of news served up for you Loony Listeners, the least being a proposal to commission a song as the new theme to the ITK podcast from Max Bemis himself!! Get on it! Let’s make it happen! 🙂

All this, and more!


BARE BONES – guest narrator, Connor(shu)

Ben Reilly: The Scarlet Spider Vol. 1 #17

Released 11th April 2018

(writer) Peter David

(artist) Will Sliney

(colours) Rachelle Rosenberg

(letters) VC’s Joe Caramagna

(cover artists) Khary Randolph & Emilio Lopez

(editor) Devin Lewis

Ben Reilly has second thoughts about the deal he just made with Mephisto. He’s agreed to take out the Midnight Sons in exchange for a purification of his soul as well as for Abagail’s recovery from her terminal illness.

In Reilly’s pursuit to become a hero, he now questions whether the path he’s chosen to get there is noble at all. Regardless of the inner turmoil he faces, the Scarlet Spider climbs up to a healthy vantage point and takes aim at Wong. He intends to carry out his end of the bargain and although he knows he can’t trust Mephisto, his desperation gets the better of him.

Elsewhere, Jezebel keeps a close eye on the Scarlet Spider through what appears to be through either satellite or CCTV surveillance. She chats with an unknown accomplice and they deliberate as to whether Ben Reilly will do the right thing or not. The unknown man also lets slip that he has released Aunt June to Jezebel’s astonishment. It appears however, that Aunt June now sports some superhuman abilities of her own, as she unwittingly manages to ward off a horde of demons with a flash of lightning.

Back at the centre of Las Vegas, Scarlet Spider is getting ready for his shot when he is unexpectedly ambushed by a demonized Kaine! Spewing flame from his mouth, Kaine and Scarlet Spider battle it out and it’s eventually the Scarlet Spider who gains the upper hand by setting a trap of his own. With Kaine now up close and personal, the Scarlet Spider takes out a vial of holy water and forces Kaine to ingest it – with startling results.

Kaine is cured and it’s not long before Kaine discovers Ben’s deal with the Devil. Kaine reproaches the Scarlet Spider that even though Mephisto will give Ben what he wants after the deal, he will still find a way to ruin what Ben has fought for in some way or another. Ben assures Kaine that he’s backed out of the deal and Kaine also assumes that it’s Ben’s ‘broken soul’ which may have led him to have made such a rash decision with Mephisto.

The Scarlet Spider tells Kaine that there are still many possessed humans in Las Vegas which need saving and Kaine agrees to see what he can do. Kaine swings away with a plan to use holy water in the same way it saved him and he leaves the Scarlet Spider to properly show Mephisto that he does not want any part of their deal. The Scarlet Spider parts company too – but this time he’s headed to join the Midnight Sons.

He catches up with Moon Knight and Iron Fist who are still tied up fighting the possessed Avengers, but after beating Black Panther off Mr. Knight, he steels himself and with the two Midnight Sons at his side, he charges again into the fray!

Crescent Dart Rating (out of 5):

Connor:🌙🌙🌙 1/2

Rebecca:🌙🌙🌙 1/2

Rey:🌙🌙🌙 1/2




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The music for this episode from the Defenders TV Podcast is “Magic Hour” by Three Chain Links is licensed under an Attribution License;

The music for this episode from the Sons of the Dragon: The Immortal Iron Fist Podcast is “Iron Fist theme Song” by Thomas Tisslot is licensed under an Attribution License;

The music for this episode for the Bare Bones Synopsis is “Reunited (from soundtrack, ‘Leaving Las Vegas’ ” by Mike Figgis is licensed under an Attribution License;

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