OVER THE MOON Reading Club, no. XXXIV: The Hulk! Vol.1, issue #13 + Moon Knight Vol.5, issue #4

A Hoibles, Loonies!!

How cool has it been the past few weeks?!

Being part of the Collective; participating in the Epic Damnation Podcast Crossover event with other great podcasts …and still so much more to come!

After a mega double episode last weekend, it’s a small respite as we return to our regular format (but mind you, only for a short while again!!) to cover our continued coverage of Moon Knight’s appearances throughout Marvel history, as well as forging ahead with a review of the modern classic Huston run!

CLASSIC RUN: The Hulk! Vol.1, issue #13 – “The Big Blackmail”

MODERN RUN: Moon Knight Vol.5, issue #4 – “The Bottom, Part 4 of 6- Interest in a Mirror”

We are also very pleased to have another very special guest coming up on our show to do the Bare Bones narrations, and that is Phil Perich co-host to fellow-Collective podcast, The Capes and Lunatics Podcast !

Phil hosts a great and prolific podcast which has a whole network in itself reviewing all things comics, movies, TV, games….EVERYTHING! Definitely worth checking out and definitely fun to have him on!

It has been an absolute blast doing the podcasts the last few weeks. We’ve had more guests than we’ve ever had before and we’ve had such a great contribution from the Loony listeners by either coming onto the show, reading our Bare Bones or dropping in some feedback…it has kept us alive and busy and it’s a great day to be a Moon Knight fan, I tell you that!

On TOP of all this, I’ve just had some quiet discussions, and we have so much more planned for you! There’s going to be much more of a collaboration between our fellow Collective members, so don’t be surprised to see any of the High Priests of Khonshu poppingg up in other podcasts around the traps! Also with Infinity War coming up oh-so-close, we have a special Infinity War episode planned in which we plan to see how Moony has handled himself during a cosmic event…! and for those who are familiar with all of the MK run, you’ll know where we are headed!

Apart from that, we still need to make mention that our Damnation Crossover Event is still thriving and kicking, so please be sure to keep tracking the episode reviews. I believe the next ones are from the Sons of the Dragon: The Immortal Iron Fist Podcast  and  Inner Demons – A Ghost Rider Podcast. There are also some Doctor Strange comic books and the final Damnation core book issue #4 to be reviewed by the The Defenders TV Podcast. You can be sure to keep track of all the episodes here,

 Damnation Podcast Crossover Event

As with every episode, please don’t be shy to drop in your thoughts ont he show, or on anything you’d like to discuss on Moon Knight! We always love to hear from you, and we’re easy to get in contact with –




Looking forward to recording again and to bring another episode for all of us to discuss and share our fandom! Things are looking up for ITK, so I gotta again thank you for all your support and can only promise bigger and better things to come….this crazy ride hasn’t even done it’s first loop-da-loop yet!!:)

Take care everyone and hope to hear or chat with you!

May Khonshu Watch Over the Denizens of the (K)Night,


Proud Member of The Collective

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