Episode 36 – Making a Deal with the Devil, aka Damnation Crossover Part 8



Yes, for this holiday break, your eyes do not deceive you – it is ANOTHER podcast episode for your listening pleasure!

The High Priests of Khonshu re-unite and cover the next instalment of Marvel’s Damnation Crossover Event:


It’s Part 8 of the Podcast crossover event which we are covering with,

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BARE BONES – Narrator, Connor(Shu)

Ben Reilly: The Scarlet Spider Vol. 1 #16

Released 28th March 2018

(writer) Peter David

(artist) Will Sliney

(colourist) Rachelle Rosenberg

(letterer) VC’s Joe Caramagna

(editor) Devin Lewis

The Midnight Sons are joined by the Scarlet Spider, as they battle the demonized Avengers all at the hands of Mephisto. It’s Wong who leads the likes of Elsa Bloodstone, Blade, Iron Fist, Moon Knight, Man-Thing and Brother Voodoo and as much as they need help from the Ghost Rider Avengers, Scarlet Spider is needed elsewhere.

Wong directs the Scarlet Spider to take care of the demons running amok in Las Vegas and to prevent any demons from reaching the Hotel Inferno. As the Midnight Sons battle to stave off the Demon Avengers, Scarlet Spider is needed to keep the coast clear.

It isn’t as easy as it sounds, however, as Ben Reilly has problems distinguishing demons from normal folk. His once trusty Spider-Sense fails to detect any danger and it’s only from his own superhuman reflexes that the Scarlet Spider is able to avoid the demons’ clutches. At first he is greeted by a pair of police officers who ask if Scarlet Spider requires any assistance. In the blink of an eye, they reveal to be Possessed and attack Ben Reilly. A healthy dose of webbing settles the score and before long they are held safely within the boot of their police car.

Immediately after a disparate band of folk approach the Scarlet Spider, having seen his encounter with the cops. Before Reilly can explain, they too turn out to be demons – the yuppy, joggers, hipster and couple all unsheath their knives and launch into the fray!

Elsewhere within Mercury Towers, Slade tries to calm the agitated crowd kept inside the casino. The doors to Mercury Towers are strengthened and are able to keep the demons out for now. Jezebel, the small girl whom the Scarlet Spider previously encountered manages to slip outside and astonishingly, she scares off all the demons who see her. The mystery of Jezebel thickens further as she is seen entering a house on the outskirts of Las Vegas. As she enters through the front door the whole house appears to disappear through a black hole beneath.

Back in the city, Ben Reilly is still having a hard time distinguishing between local resident and demon foe. Having dispatched the wave of possessed civilians, Ben Reilly encounters a man who claims to have lost his wife and daughter. Not to be fooled again, Reilly rips the sunnies from the man’s face, only to reveal deep, bloodshot eyes. Convinced he too is a demon, Reilly beats on the man, and has the man beat on himself too.

His wife and daughter arrive and stop the fight – the man is not possessed, and his demon eyes are merely due to an inflammation of the middle layer, or uveitis as it’s clinically known. The Scarlet Spiders tries to apologise for his mistake but the small family leave in a huff – the little girl kicking Ben Reilly in the shin as a parting shot.

Shortly after his minor bungle, none other than Mephisto appears behind the Scarlet Spider and voices interest in Reilly’s damaged soul and highlighting the fact that Reilly can’t seem to tell the difference between friend and foe. He transports both of them away from the city and onto the peak of Devil’s Tower, part of Bear Lodge Mountains in north-east Wyoming. Mephisto offers to help the Scarlet Spider – he can purify his soul as well as return Aunt June and cure Abigail, the little girl Reilly promised to help. Mephisto can do all this for Ben Reilly, if only he agrees to join Mephisto. As deals with the Devil go, Scarlet Spider agrees, and he shakes on it.

Crescent Dart Rating (out of 5):

Connor:  🌙🌙🌙 1/2

Rey: 🌙🌙🌙 1/2



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