Episode 35 – The Cult of Khonshu!


What a great week for Moon Knight! Three appearances in three different titles, but for this episode it’s all about his own title written by Max Bemis and drawn by Jacen Burrows.

With Connor(Shu) still in New Egypt, High Priest Rey is joined by co-host Rebecca and very special guest Chad, from the Moon Knight-Core Facebook Page!

The three Loonies discuss news, cameo appearances as well as reviewing the latest Moon Knight issue for OVER THE MOON –

CURRENT RUN: MOON KNIGHT , Vol.9 issue #193 – “Crazy Runs in the Family – Part 6 of 6”

With plenty of feedback from the Loony Listeners, this episode will be sure to have you re-assessing what you thought of the final chapter to Crazy Runs in the Family!


BARE BONES – guest narrator, Chad

Moon Knight Vol. 9 #193 – “Crazy Runs in the Family – Part 6 of 6”

Released 28th March 2018

(writer) Max Bemis

(artist) Jacen Burrows

(inkers)  Guillermo Ortego

(colourist) Mat Lopes

(letterer) VC’s Corey Petit

(editor) Jake Thomas

On the Isla Ra, Marc is mercilessly beaten and tortured by his captors. The army of the Sun King want compliance from Moon Knight and whether it is the brutal beatings handed out by a group of surly thugs, or sadistic torture with burning hot needles, they intend to get it.

Meanwhile, Diatrice kneels at her bedside, a world away in New York, and prays to Khonshu for a safe return of Marc and Marlene – her father and mother. Frenchie looks on as Diatrice gives a heartfelt prayer to Khonshu in the hope that her lost father (whom she just found) is returned to her and that he saves her beautiful mother.

Things aren’t looking good on the island as Marc is beaten to an inch of his life. He is cradled by Marlene, and both reflect on the very real possibility that Moon Knight won’t be able to get out of this one. A moment before the final ritual, the two lovers embrace and Marc pleads to Marlene to promise to not let Diatrice ever forget her father, if things don’t end well on the island. In tears, Marlene can only hold Marc close and promise him just that.

The final ritual is at hand and within a ring of fire, Marc is thrown. As he slowly gets up, the Sun King appears and enters the ring. He is both excited and glad to have met Moon Knight and extolls the opportunity to meet his nemesis face to face. The Sun King mentions that if it weren’t for Moon Knight, his existence would prove worthless. Upon threatening his daughter, Marc charges at the Sun King but it’s not long before the fiery flames and power of the sun from Sun Kings eyes and hands subdue the fist of Khonshu. The Sun King beats Marc, knocking out a tooth, and burns the side of Marc’s head, singing his hair.

With defeat almost at hand, the mind of Marc turns to his other personalities and it’s Jake who chats with Khonshu, pleading for some sort of help. Khonshu explains that it’s a Belief in oneself, or in something, which sets Marc apart from the Sun King, and it’s a strong Belief that will allow Marc to win. Within Marc’s fractured mind, the image of Diatrice appears and it’s with this beloved image that a firm belief is set in the mind of Moon Knight. Motivation is not enough however – much like the Sun King, Marc will also need to allow his Belief to give him the strength and power to carry out his convictions. It’s the Power of Crazy which reignites Marc and with this unstoppable force, Marc reawakens and punishes the Sun King. Marc not only wants the Sun King to yield, but wants him to fear Khonshu. It’s with this fear that he instills on the Sun King which finally grants his submission. Even Sun King’s powers refuse to work after surrendering to Marc – it seems the Sun King’s Belief in himself is no more.

With the Sun King beaten, the army of Ra quickly dissipates and we see Bushman and The Truth go their separate ways. Marc is left with the island populace and although he can’t promise a  life the Sun King had promised them, he at least can advise them against not being taken advantage of again. As the crowd cheers, a solitary figure slowly joins the group. It’s Dr. Emmett with her feline friend. Horribly disfigured from her encounter with The Sun King, she smiles and cries out as a tear rolls down her cheek – she believes in Marc…she believes in Khonshu!

Crescent Dart Rating (out of 5):

Rebecca:  🌙🌙🌙🌙

Chad:  🌙🌙🌙 1/2

Rey: 🌙🌙🌙 1/2


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A big thanks to Chad for joining us as a guest on the show! You can catch Chad on the Moon Knight-Core Facebook Page as well as in the ITK community too! Thanks Chad!!

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