Episode 34 – Just cruising around in the ol’ Mooncopter


High Priest of Khonshu Rey has stolen the keys to the Mooncopter and taken it for a spin!

Flying solo this episode, Rey returns to the standard ITK format of the Classic and Modern runs. For this episode, the books reviewed are:

CLASSIC RUN: The Hulk! , Vol.1 issue #12 – “Embassy of Fear”

MODERN RUN: Moon Knight, Vol. 5 issue #3 – “The Bottom, Part 3 of 6 – To the Bone”

We are also very glad to have with us, guest narrators all the way from New Attilan! Yes, Doc and Adam from the Attilan Rising Podcast lend their vocal talents to narrate for us the Bare Bones!

There’s plenty to talk about here – grab your issues and get your Khonshu on!!!


BARE BONES – guest narrator, hosts from ‘Attilan Rising’

Hulk Magazine Vol. 1 #12 – “Embassy of Fear”

Released December 1978

(writer) Doug Moench

(artist) Keith Pollard

(inkers) Frank Giacoia & Mike Esposito

(editor) Rick Marschall

Moon Knight crashes into Luxor’s mansion, just as Fenton Crane threatens to kill Marlene. Joel Luxor (the owner of the mansion) and Polhaus (a writer)  have been murdered over what seems to be the Horus statuette. Fenton Crane, insane with ambition, waves a blunderbuss demanding to know where the statuette is hidden. Moon Knight hurls a truncheon at Crane and it finds it’s mark – with the truncheon lodging the trigger, Moon Knight springs into action! Physically outmatched and shaken by the fists of Khonshu, Crane grabs anything close by latches onto a jade idol, which he attempts to bludgeon Moon Knight with. The jade idol is blocked and tossed over to Marlene whilst Moon Knight finishes Crane off with a well placed kick.

With the fracas over, Moon Knight retrieves the jade idol from Marlene and explains that Polhaus (the slain writer) had encoded his manuscript with puns, and in his code, he explains the Horus statuette is in fact within the jade idol. Moon Knight cracks open the idol but instead of finding Horus, both he and Marlene see a business card of one, Alphonse Leroux – furthering the mystery of the Horus statuette. Moon Knight and Marlene then agree to investigate the UN Ambassador Alphonse Leroux, but this time as Steven Grant.

Marlene is able to convince Steven Grant’s UN connections to have Steven and Marlene invited to the next party where Leroux appears on the guest list. Before long, they find themselves at the French Embassy at a lavish gathering. After the two spot Leroux, a quick plan is made beginning with Marlene skilfully catching the eye of Leroux. They soon engage in some light banter allowing Leroux to drop his guard. With the groundwork set, Steven Grant then enacts the next part of their plan and interrupts the two, allowing Marlene to introduce Grant to Leroux.

Grant baits Leroux, feigning interest in wanting to buy the Horus statuette and Leroux’s greed gets the better of him. He invites Grant to the Chilean Embassy at midnight to show him the statuette. Spotting a few of Leroux’s colleagues and recognising them less as suited dignitaries but more like gorillas in suits, Grant decides to investigate the Chilean Embassy before meeting with Leroux. He takes leave of the party and dons the jet and silver costume.

Arriving at the Chilean Embassy, Moon Knight makes his way towards the heavily guarded building , skilfully evading the pack of guard dogs and patrolmen peppered throughout the estate. He enters the building and shortly after, finds Leroux in a room on the phone. As Moon Knight listens in the shadows, Leroux’s intent is nefarious to say the least – Leroux is suspicious of Steven Grant, and so plans to have him beaten and roughed up for his troubles. Hearing all he needs to hear and speculating whether Leroux is in cahoots with terrorists, Moon Knight slips away outside. It’s almost midnight and if he’s still to meet with Leroux, Moon Knight would need to change out of his costume soon.

Leaving proves even harder than breaking into the embassy, as Moon Knight is faced with a group of armed uniformed and plain clothed men intent on stopping the intruder. Moon Knight’s superior fighting skills are on show again as he beats no less than seven of his attackers with strength, agility and a large dollop of quips.

Leroux catches wind of the melee occuring outside and as he dashes out to see what it’s all about he sees all his men lying unconscious and useless. Timing is everything as in that instant, Steven Grant appears right on time for their midnight meeting. Still startled by what he sees, Leroux is almost left speechless as Grant proposes that he have a courier of his choice to bring the money over to the Leroux and his terrorist friends. Leroux can only stutter out questions, “Terrorists? What are you talking about?…What courier? Who..?”

Grant nods towards a crescent dart lodged into a nearby tree. With a grin, Grant says, “Surely you must have heard of him? His name is……MOON KNIGHT!”

Crescent Dart Rating (out of 5): 🌙🌙🌙 1/2

Moon Knight Vol. 5, issue # 3- “The Bottom, Part 3 of 6: To The Bone”

Released August 2006

(writer) Charles Huston

(artist) David Finch

(inkers) Danny Miki, Victor Olazaba & Allen Martinez

(colours) Frank D’Armata

(letters) Virtual Calligraphy’s Joe Caramagna

(editor) Corey Sedlmeier and Axel Alonso

As Marc visits Frenchie’s restaurant, a mysterious group elsewhere, gather to witness a presentation on Marc Spector’s coloured history. Spector’s career in the Marines, his dishonourable discharge and his ultimate move into the private sector as a mercenary are highlighted and shown to the group. The presentation is soon taken over by a shadowy figure known as The Profile, who then goes into meticulous detail of Spector’s history with Bushman and Frenchie, in the Egyptian desert.

Back at the restaurant, Frenchie greets Marc and though still looking uncomfortable at the situation, Marc is talked into staying for a sit-down meal. Frenchie introduces Marc to Rob, Frenchie’s partner and orders some country omelettes for both of them.

The Profile continues his assessment of Marc Spector and the close bond he shared with both Raul Bushman and Frenchie. The trio were a deadly team of mercenaries and were engaged in such jobs as cleaning up loose ends during Desert Storm. They weren’t adverse to carrying out some of their own personal jobs and it was opportunistic appetites such as this which led them to the Valley of the Kings and an excavation site headed by one Peter Alraune. As The Profile describes, it was here that the three mercenaries parted ways as Bushman’s bloodlust resulted in the death of innocent civilians. Spector, horrified at Bushman’s actions, confronts Bushman but is killed and left for dead – leading Spector on the path to Khonshu.

As Frenchie and Marc finish their meal, it is revealed that Rob is more than just a business partner of Frenchie’s, but in fact an actual partner. Marc is shocked and hurt that Frenchie had not told him earlier, and is even more saddened at the fact that others, such as Marlene already knew. Though Frenchie tries to show Marc that he had told him throughout the years, Marc’s anger slowly builds and he asks if this is the reason Frenchie invited him to the restaurant. Frenchie reveals that it was not he who invited Marc, but Crawley had mentioned that Marc wanted to see him. Both had been played by their friend, in an honest attempt for the two to resolve their differences.

The Profile reveals that the group profiling Spector is in fact The Committee – the original organisation who tried to recruit Moon Knight years ago but failed. It is now headed by the sons and daughter of the original Committee members and their plans are to succeed where their parents had failed, and that is to bring Moon Knight over to their side. The Profile’s assessment of Marc Spector is assured and The Profile notes that it was because of Khonshu and Marc’s multiple personalities that it was difficult to read Spector. With the influence of Khonshu having waned recently and the current state of Spector, The Profile confirms that Spector is now easily profiled and a plan to successfully recruit him can now be carried out.

The long term strategy would be simple – isolate Spector; give him a debilitating injury and take away his reason to live; then provide a catalyst to incite him into violent action. With The Committee having already isolated Spector from his friends, and having already contracted Bushman to confront Moon Knight (which leads to Spector’s broken legs and drug dependency) all that is left is to provide a catalyst for Moon Knight to return and enter the folds of The Committee.

Everything seems to be going to plan, however, one of the members of The Committee, in an attempt to undermine The Profile, attempts to take the initiative and has the ‘Duchamp Contingency’ carried out, with the rest of The Committee unaware of his actions. The Duchamp Contingency involves the neutralisation of ‘Frenchie’ Duchamp, to eliminate any risk of him as a threat. The contingency is ill-timed and as The Profile points out, by doing so has changed the course of their long term strategy. Instead of Moon Knight potentially being recruited into The Committee, the act of Frenchie being beaten to an inch of his life has given Spector a reason to live again, OTHER than the one The Committee had planned to give him. As The Profile points out, Spector is resurrected once again by Khonshu and reminded again of what he loves doing. The Committee’s long awaited, laid out plan has in effect been unravelled by The Committee member’s careless action and Contingency T is then activated. To The Profile’s dismay, the rest of The Committee members bring in The Taskmaster, and after dispatching the careless member who ruined their plans with two pens as deadly projectiles, Taskmaster is ready and raring to kill Spector!

Crescent Dart Rating (out of 5): 🌙🌙🌙🌙 1/2


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Thanks once again for Attilan Rising for lending us their talents to narrate the Bare Bones!

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