Episode 33 – The Moon Aint Out Tonight, aka Damnation Crossover Part 5


It’s another fun comic book review for Marvel’s Damnation Event!

Join the High Priests of Khonshu – Connor(Shu), Rebecca and Rey as they wade through the demonic destruction of Las Vegas. They have help from none other than special guest, Tommy, who joins us again to ride the raft through the Overvoid with Anubis at the rudder…

We had heaps of fun having Tommy on last episode, and you know what they say about not being able to keep a good man down! The four of us talk news, Scarlet Spider and of course the tie-in book to Damnation:

OVER THE MOON REVIEW: Ben Reilly: The Scarlet Spider Vol. 1, issue #15

It’s a fun discussion with an expanded panel and it’s all part of our crazy, epic podcast crossover! This weekend should also have a review by the Defenders TV Podcast, and after this episode, be sure to check out the Inner Demons Podcast next for the next Damnation review!

It’s all happening!! Are you demon enough to take it???


Guest narrator, Rebecca

Ben Reilly: Scarlet Spider Vol. 1 #15 – Damnation Tie-in Event

Released March 2018

(writer) Peter David

(pencils and inks) William Sliney

(colourist) Rachelle Rosenberg

(letters) Joe Caramagna

(editors) Devin Lewis, Nick Lowe and Tom Groneman

Ben Reilly returns to Mercury Towers after a brief run-in with Mysterio and is surprised to see Aunt June missing from her favourite slot machine. He’s greeted by a mysterious young girl in Aunt June’s apartment and Ben’s self appointed Aunt is nowhere to be seen.

The young girl introduces herself as Jezebel and reveals to Ben that her employers have Aunt June. Sensing trouble afoot and in typical Scarlet Spider fashion,  Ben threatens the small girl despite the fact that she is still pre-pubescent. All that is irrelevant as it doesn’t take long before we see that Jezebel is not what she appears. With an undetermined psionic ability she thrusts Ben across the room and gains his attention.

Before anything else can be done, the apartment shakes viciously and a surprised Ben Reilly suspects that Jezebel has something to do with it. Jezebel, addressing Ben as Scarlet Spider now, tells him of the recent eruption around Las Vegas – Doctor Strange’s attempt at resurrecting the city and the subsequent arrival of the Hotel Inferno.

Ben asks if Jezebel is part of Mephisto’s crew but to his surprise, Jezebel is not. She works for another organisation, The Diogenes Initiative, and she urges the Scarlet Spider to join the fight with the Midnight Sons to overturn the chaos that Mephisto has wrought onto Las Vegas. Reminding him that they still have Aunt June captive, Scarlet Spider agrees to join the fray but before departing, he manages to dish out some just desserts of his own.

Outside, all of Las Vegas are slowly turning to demons and the Scarlet Spider manages to save a local gun shop owner from the clutches of a demonic McDonald’s employee. In gratitude, the owner gives Ben an arsenal of weapons but it’s not long before they see another demon behind the wheel of a cement mixer, terrorizing the local population who haven’t yet turned to the dark side.

The Scarlet Spider commandeers the truck and his Spidey sense leads him to where to real trouble awaits. It’s the Avengers – Captain Marvel, Black Panther, Falcon, Thor and Hawkeye – and they’ve recently been transformed to Ghost Riders by the hellish Mephisto. Nearby the Midnight Sons are poised to engage in battle with them, but the battle is abruptly interrupted as the Scarlet Spider slams the truck into the demonic Avengers. The Scarlet Spider greets the Midnight Sons, urging them to follow him.


  1. Sentry by Jeff Lemire announced to release June 6th 2018
  2. Comics Beat review of Vampironica by Smallwood
  3. Best Shots Review: VAMPIRONICA #1 ‘a Gore-geous Debut’ (8/10)
  4. Tardy’s Collectors Corner, Grand Rapids, MI




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