Episode 32 – Mr. Knight Derping Around, aka Damnation Crossover Part 3


This episode is High Priests Connor and Rey have the pleasure of a live guest in the Othervoid – none other than fellow Loony, and ‘Man on the Street’, Tommy Kawel!

Tommy joins the High Priests to continue the podcast crossover between Sons of the Dragon: The Immortal Iron Fist Podcast; Defenders TV Podcast and Inner Demons: A Ghost Rider Podcast. This episode covers the second issue of the core books –

OVER THE MOON REVIEW: Doctor Strange: Damnation Vol. 1, issue #2

As always, we have the latest news to share but we also have a mighty fine live narration of the Bare Bones by Tommy, as well as a cool chat ( the second of our Loony Spotlights) with Tommy learning about how he got into comics, Moon Knight and what Batman means to him!


Live narration written and performed by Tommy Kawel

Damnation Issue 2

Written by Donny Cates and Nick Spencer

Art by Szymon Kudranski

Lettered by VC’s Travis Lanham

Edited by Nick Lowe and Kathleen Wisneski

Thrown into the middle of things, Stephen Strange opens the exposition with excuses. Following HYDRA’s destruction of Las Vegas, Strange explains that his plan to resurrect Sin City came only from the best intentions. But Strange’s meddling opened up a pathway for Mephisto and his realm. Surging out of the desert sand, a towering spiral of hellfire and obsidian looms over the city. We learn that Mephisto tempted denizens into sin and quickly claimed their souls, trapping them within his hotel of horror. In an attempt to recover from his error and save those taken by the demon, Doctor Strange agreed to play Mephisto’s game. Strange, in his arrogance, allowed his hubris to get the best of him, and he tried to cheat the devil himself at the crossroads – a game that can never be won.

As punishment, Mephisto loosed his new Ghost Riders on Strange. Conscripting, Thor, Captain Marvel, Hawkeye, Falcon, and Black Panther as spirits of vengeance, Mephisto commands Thor to break Strange’s legs. Strange admits this is all his fault, but he needs help.

We cut to an English pub. Strange’s former assistant and guide, Wong, I seated at the bar with a proper pint, waiting. Bats, the ghost of Strange’s dog resurrected by Loki, questions Wong’s plan. Wong, in his patience, is waiting for someone. A body crashes across the pub floor. Blade enters in a fury, slicing and dicing vampiric hooligans while Wong and Bats sit pretty at the bar. Wong’s getting a crew together.

Next, to Mount Wundagore, Transia. Wong and Bats stand before a beastly monster, again, calm, cool, collected. Bats mentions demons, and Elsa Bloodstone sends a shotgun blast through the beasts chest. She’s in.

New York City. A dojo. Iron Fist needs no convincing.

A rooftop. Moon Knight is too busy for Wong, but Mister Knight, no problem. He’s ready for it.

Then, Florida. The swamp. Brother Voodoo and Man-Thing.

Only one remains. The leader of the pack. The Rider.

Wong finds Johnny Blaze gassing up his bike and buying booze. It only takes the name “Mephisto” to secure the package. No one knows Mephisto better than Johnny.

We cut back to New York. The Midnight Sons sit around a briefing table in the shell of the Sanctum Sanctorum. A Spidey chew toy is bleeding cotton stuffing under Bats’ paw. He’s sassy.

Wong explains the basics. With the five heroes already taken by Mephisto, Wong’s new team is all that can stand in the demon’s way. Rescuing the new Ghost Riders is the first objective.

Discussion erupts. Elsa Bloodstone wonders what a bunch of monsters, a psychopath, a kung fu guy and a useless vampire slayer are going to do to Mephisto, but Blade calls the shots fired. He argues with Bloodstone and Iron Fist jumps into the fray when Wong shuts it down. Moon Knight quietly asks Voodoo who the psychopath is.

Again, Wong details the basics. The fact is, this motley crew of heroes are the only hope Wong has of fighting Mephisto without joining his forces. None of these heroes are without sin – and Wong knows he can take down every one of the Midnight Sons if it comes to it. This is a rescue mission, but it’s also a full-on assault against Mephisto. They leave in 30.

The team hits the strip and are immediately surrounded by demonic goons. Blade is taken out and slammed into the Vegas rubble. Mjolnir is trapping him within an Asgardian enchantment tinged with hellfire. The new Riders approach.

A storm of fiery arrows ranges overhead. Our heroes are pierced and surrounded, but there’s hope yet. Out of the chaos, a cement truck soars through the air following a similar trajectory and knocks the Riders off their footing. No one knows where it came from.

Then, atop a heap of burning rubble, Ben Reilly – the Scarlet Spider – looms like an ancient hero with twin AK-47s and a hunting knife strapped to his leg. The Midnight Sons are expressionless – they couldn’t care less, it seems.

Down the Strip, Wong is taking on an ensemble of demons by himself when, in a floating blaze, Stephen Strange appears before him, his head engulfed in flames. Mephisto’s newest enforcer.


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