Episode 31 – So What’s the Deal with Frenchie?


Hold onto your hats as the Mighty High Priest of Khonshu, Connor returns to team up with Rey to review the latest issue of Moon Knight by Max Bemis and Jacen Burrows!

CURRENT RUN: Moon Knight Vol.9, issue #192 – ‘Crazy Runs in the Family Part 5’

As mentioned previously we absolutely love having Loonies on board to give feedback but to also come on the show to share the love for Moon Knight. This episode we welcome fellow Loony, Corey Hardiman to narrate the Bare Bones for our OVER THE MOON comic book review!

Corey is a creator in his own right, and is currently working on a novel adaptation of his original comic book character, Sister Mercy!

The High Priests of Khonshu also shout out the Podcast Crossover for the Damnation Marvel Event, and where to listen to – Sons of the Dragon: The Immortal Iron Fist Podcast having covered the opening Damnation issue, and Defenders TV Podcast having just dropped their review of the first tie-in title, Doctor Strange #386.

Exciting times ahead! Stay True to Khonshu!!!


Moon Knight Vol. 9, issue #192 – “Crazy Runs in the Family – Part 5”

Released February 2018

(writer) Max Bemis

(artist) Jacen Burrows

(inks) Guillermo Ortego

(colours) Mat Lopes

(letterer) VC’s Corey Petit

(editor) Jake Thomas

In Marc’s apartment, the visage of the Undead Frenchie charts with Marc at the kitchen table whilst Diatrice plays with her toys. The two chat about the hows and whys of Marc seeing Frenchie now as a zombie and it’s Marc who recalls the waking nightmare which in fact occurred during the Lemire and Smallwood run. Frenchie is understanding of Marc’s fantasy of seeing his best friend die and how it is a coping mechanism of Marc’s disorder and it is from this that Marc feels a sense of relief.

As father and daughter discuss playtime against saving Mum, a brick from outside shatters their inner peace. It’s a small army criminals (the very same pack of criminals which had found a common enemy in Moon Knight) led by Bushman and The Truth. They coax Marc to come down and engage with them, with an incentive being the eldery woman held hostage from the front desk of Marc’s apartment. With no choice but to comply, Moon Knight dons his costume and is taken in by the unruly crew.

Bushman and The Truth’s intent is for Moon Knight to accompany them on a boat, headed for the villains’ new home which fortuitously happens to be where Marlene is. It is this very fact which convinces Moon Knight against bludgeoning the room full of people, and to follow Bushman’s lead onto the awaiting vessel.

Amidst a raging storm, the ship carrying Moon Knight, Bushman, The Truth and the others rocks precariously against the mighty waves which lash at the bow. Moon Knight is bound against one of the masts and is at the mercy of Bushman’s sadism. Not wanting to be merely a victim of the psychotic villain, Moon Knight takes the initiative and attacks Bushman. In a show of remarkable skill and ingenuity, Moon Knight frees himself from the mast and proceeds to take on every single thug on board – with startling results. The dozen crew members are left either unconscious or overboard, as Moon Knight’s skill makes short work of them. Bushman lunges at Moon Knight in one final attempt, but Moon Knight is at the ready and without remorse, he slices two of Bushman’s fingers off with a razor sharp crescent dart.

Moon Knight forces one of the beaten crew to show him around the ship and it’s not long before Moon Knight uncovers a large group of civilians in the belly of the beast. They seem to be willing participants to migrate to the island towards which they are headed and of which Moon Knight is left more perplexed.

A quick chat with The Truth reveals to Marc that his hope for a better world is his most tragic form of dissociation. Has Marc’s motivation to do good been a mere willingness to ignore the blood on his hands? With this thought, they arrive on the island.

Moon Knight is greeted by the Sun King on the Isla Ra – a tropical and bustling place contrasted with island huts and armed militia. It is Sun King’s intention to build a populace of people – disgruntled by society – and to a form a nation that will upheave the world. Before that, Sun King wishes for Moon Knight to partake in a ritual which he hopes will elucidate Moon Knight into his true calling.

Later that evening, Marc and the Sun King both drink a concoction in the hope that it will free their minds. In their affected state, they meet Ammon Ra, Khonshu and all of Marc’s identities. Ra shows Khonshu (and Marc) the flip side of heroism. What is shown are the greater consequences and moral ambiguities that  present themselves when taking on heroic actions. Ra surmises that it’s pain, neglect and tragedy which form prophets and saviours and with this, he sets Khonshu aflame.

Marc comes out of his trance, and as the naked flames lick higher into the night sky before him …Marc  concludes that Ra is right….


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Corey Hardiman, Creator of Sister Mercy



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