OVER THE MOON Reading Club, no. XXVII: Spectacular Spider-man Vol. 1 issues #22 & #23

Hello once again Loony readers!

This here is issue XXVII of OVER THE MOON and this week (and upcoming episode of the podcast), we’ll be returning back to our Classic run! Yes, that’s right – we continue the journey of following Moon Knight’s appearances throughout comic history and these issues mark the very first team up with Spider-man! You know – that little super hero in red and blue that sticks to walls?…yeah that guy!!

These are fun issues, and I must say that I found them far more accessible than some of the other issues of the era… alot of fun and one of the great things I like about Spidey are his villains. This time ’round after fighting Moony for a bit, the duo take on Cyclone and the Maggia!! Top stuff!

Certainly, if you can, try and pick these up – they are in a few of the Moon Knight collected editions, or I THINK they are available on Marvel Unlimited if you have a subscription!

Added to these cool issues for review, we have not only another guest narrator, but our very first live guest on the show!! (Rebecca, we consider you a co-host and a High Priest of Khonshu! 🙂 ) Yes, we will have none other than Chris Jones on the show! He’s one of teh hosts to one of the best podcasts out there at the moment, Defenders TV Podcast and he also happens to be a massive Spider-man fan, so it seems only natural to have him come on the show and review these comics with us!!

You, too, can of course be part of the discussion, and send us in your thoughts and what you liked or didn’t like about the issues! Just drop us a line any which way – just check out below!

We’ve got so much ahead of us Loonies, so thank you for listening so far, and please be sure to stick around in the months ahead! DAMNATION will kick off late February and as mentioned, we’re part of a crossover which will start with Sons of the Dragon: The Immortal Iron Fist Podcast for issue #1 of Damnation. Following that, the boys over at Defenders TV Podcast will be reviewing the first Doctor Strange tie-in issue, then I think we are after that, covering DAMNATION issue #2!

Also, Daredevil issue #600 will feature our boi in there too – and along with the regular title, we’ll have loads to chat about!

Anyway, that’s enough from me – Oh!!

Also, if you feel so inclined, please check out,

collective white

(image courtesy of Brian Biggie from, ‘Inner Demons – A Ghost Rider Podcast’)


As some of you know, we’ve pooled our creative juices to collaborate with other like-minded and cool podcasts…they are character driven, or TV/Movie focused, or just plain interesting and kick ass!! Please give it a go, and please spread the word!!

OK, that’s really enough from me now!! Be good, love your family and friends and….

May Khonshu Watch Over the Denizens of the (K)Night,


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