OVER THE MOON Reading Club, no. XXVI: Moon Knight Vol. 5, issue #1 + ANNOUNCEMENT: Epic Podcast Crossover for DAMNATION!

Hello hello Loonies!!

Welcome to another OVER THE MOON newsletter – this time, it’s issue XXVI!

Boy oh boy – after the much entertaining issue #191 of the current run, we’ve decided to keep the momentum well and truly up by doing a Panel x Panel review of one of the most popular runs in Moon Knight lore:

Huston & Finch’s Volume 5 run – “The Bottom”

As is with all number 1 issues, we’ll go literally panel by panel and discuss everything form story, the art, the characters…to even SPECTOR-lation as to what where things are headed!

At this moment in time, we’ve still to just confirm whether our other High Priest of Khonshu – Rebecca – will be available to join us on this journey…!

Issue #1 is actually titled, “The Fun Stuff” and it can be readily found in various forms – digitally on Comixology; to read on Marvel Unlimited; in trade paperback and hard cover format…and of course in single, floppy issues!

It will be great to hear your thoughts on this! So, if you want to throw your hat into the ring, we can be found at –

It’s an exciting time for the podcast as we’ve got a few things planned up ahead! After our panel by panel in the upcoming episode, we’ll have a guest in on the show, Chris Jones from Defenders TV Podcast to take us through the next classic issues in Moon Knight’s chronological appearances within the Marvel universe. Chris is a big Spider-man fan and so we thought it fitting that he join us to discuss Spectacular Spider-man #22 and #23! Spidey is known to have a constant flow of guest stars, and Moony is no exception!

Finally, one of Marvel’s big events, “DAMNATION” is just around the corner, and as many of you Loonies know, our boy Moon Knight is featured within this mammoth event.

To celebrate that, we are teaming up with three other podcasts!

Between the four of us, we’ll be covering the entire event – core books AND tie-in books! So you’ll have to be sure to listen to all four podcasts to get the entire coverage! 😛

To get you started, here are the Facebook Pages to point you in the right direction!

Watch out for promos and details for this podcast crossover event on all the social media platforms all four podcasts!

Well, that’s it from me for this newsletter!! Keep your eyes and ears peeled for more new on Moon Knight and the Into the Knight Podcast and as always,

May Khonshu Watch Over the Denizens of the Night


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