OVER THE MOON Reading Club, no. XXV: Moon Knight Vol. 9, issue #191 + Funko Pop, ‘Classic Moon Knight’


Diatrice Devotees Everywhere!

Howdy everyone! Wowee, today is a special day as not only is it NCBD for all the comic book fans out there, but it’s extra special as this week heralds the next exciting chapter of Bemis and Burrows’ Moon Knight!

This coming episode, we’ll be reviewing the latest issue of ‘Crazy Runs in the Family – Part 4’ and I can tell you now…I’ve just read it and thoroughly enjoyed it! Maybe it’s partly due to slowly ‘getting’ the style of Bemis, or because it isn’t as shocking as issue 190…in any case, it’s a rollicking read and so can’t wait to share our thoughts with you!

Speaking of which…!

Not only is it a GAS to read a new issue, and do a podcast…it’s also HEAPS fun to hear from the other Loonies out there in the world. Please don’t be shy and please consider dropping us a line to tell us your thoughts on the latest issue – or heck, any ideas you may have about Moon Knight that you are just dying to share!

We can easily be contacted on any of the details as below:

We’ll also feature a nice little step closer to bringing the Loony Community in on the podcast, and we’ll have a fellow Loony, Danielle, to narrate for us the Bare Bones to issue #191! (Which reminds me…I have to write it up….gggahhh!)

Added to the comic review for issue #191, The High Priests of Khonshu will also hope to finally review the Funko Pop No.272, “Classic Moon Knight” figure. It’s a beautiful piece of molded plastic (seriously!) and I can’t wait to get into the details….just have to remember not to shut the laptop down in the middle of the podcast this time!

Righto! I’m going to head back to bed and give #191 another read before drifting off into slumber….thank you once again for staying loony and the past week has shown a little spike in members to the group – so really, really appreciate it, everyone!! We’ll try our best to give to you the very best coverage of Moon Knight, so please stick with us!!

Signing off, and as always…

May Khonshu watch over the denizens of the Night,



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