OVER THE MOON Watching & Playing Club, no. XXIII: Marvel’s Avengers – Secret Wars S04 E17 + Moon Knight Classic Funko Pop Review


Hello Loony Goonies!!

It’s mid-week so it’s another issue of OVER THE MOON coming at you in wide surround sound!

As I type this with the Australian Open on the telly, it’s time to let YOU, the loyal Loonies in on what we have in store for the next podcast episode! OK, so we were intent on building a good foundation of CLASSIC and MODERN run reviews for 2018, but it’s only taken the third episode of the year to derail us! But fear not – it’s all for a good cause!

Turns out that last week (the day we recorded the last episode) it was announced that the next four episodes of Avengers Secret Wars would be dropped by Disney XD. Not only that, but it’d feature our jet and silver avenger, Moon Knight! Well, we just can’t pass up this opportunity, so this coming episode, we’ll be reviewing the episode which I must say was a real hoot to watch.

Added to this, we’ll return to what we were hoping to do a couple of weeks ago and that is to review the OTHER Funko Pop of Moon Knight – that being the Classic Moon Knight. We had a heap of fun reviewing the toys at the end of last year, so we are more than excited to providing you with the variety we all strive for!

Hope you have access to both of these fine Moon Knight testaments – if you do, it’d be great to hear from you and what you think about both the depiction of Moon Knight on the animated screen, as well as how he looks in molded plastic form!

No need to send via post or snail mail…we have other means –

Right – I’m going to barrack for my Aussie tennis players to push on…all the best to you al and big thanks for listening once again!

Oh! Before I forget – it would be REALLY cool if you can give us a rating on iTunes…it’s still a good barometer of how well we are doing out there in the podcast world… it would be greatly appreciated and it would help to get our good name out there into the big wide world!! OK, enough shameless requests for promotion – stay good, remain vigilant and….

May Khonshu watch over the denizens of the Night,


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