OVER THE MOON Reading Club, no. XXII: Defenders Vol. 1 issue #50 + Moon Knight Vol. 3, issue #3

A very Gutenacht to you my Loonies,

Wherever you may be, I hope you are still reading great Moon Knight tales and just comics in general. Geez, it’s a good time to be reading comics isn’t it? I mean – so many good titles out there, there just ain’t enough dosh in the leather to cover week to week!

Although it was quite a divisive issue, the latest by Bemis and Burrows certainly has caused a stir and let’s face it – it wouldn’t be comics if people all didn’t have differing opinions! Certainly makes for a highly anticipated next issue, to see where the masters lead us!

In the interim, your faithful High Priests of Khonshu, Connor and Rey will be resuming their reviews of the chronological journey and classic tales of Moon Knight (this episode featuring, The Defenders issue #50); as well as continuing their analyses of the more modern run of Moon Knight, “Resurrection War” issue #3. Both are like white and red wine – the same in general, but quite distinct and unique on their own.

We were blessed with a mountain of feedback for the Bemis and Burrows’ issue, it’d be great if a few words were dropped about these books for review. Understandably harder to locate – but if you do happen to have a copy handy (I THINK The Defenders issue is on Marvel Unlimited) then we’d love to hear from you!

Our mantra for contact details are as usual –

We weren’t able to get around to reviewing the Classic Moon Knight Funko Pop as well, since last episode was filled to the brim with chat about issue #190, but fear not – we shall have that to you in one of the upcoming episodes!

Also, have been playing Marvel’s Future Fight on the iPad and have to tell you it has a whiff of addiction to it! Very fun, and certainly reviewing video games is something we’d be keen to do down the track too!…So keep your ears open, your eyes peeled (eewwwww!) and your minds willing for whatever we have in store for the coming year!!! So exciting – and always so much more exciting to see our community slowly grow – thank you one and all, Loonies!! You make this happen!! 🙂


May Khonshu watch over the denizens of the Night,


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