OVER THE MOON Watching Club, no. XX: The Defenders Vol. 1, #49 + Moon Knight Vol. 3, #2 – Resurrection War, Phase 2!



Loony, Loonee, Loonies!

Do hope the holidays have been treating you well – stuffed turkey, glazed ham, seafood (very Aussie!)…BBQs and more!

As we head towards the new year, we cap off a great 2017 with one final episode. Back to the tried and true format, we’ll be looking at news as well as the staple OVER THE MOON reviews! This week, we are very pleased as punch to have Chris and Brian from “Vengeance Unbound – A Ghost Rider Podcast” to guest narrate our Bare Bones! These guys are a heap of fun and their podcast on Ghost Rider is absolutely something you should be tuning into if you like ol’ Matchstick!

I’ve just read the Jason Aaron run of Ghost Rider, circa 2006-2009 and man alive it’s good! Anyway, Chris and Brian break down to of the issues we have up for review and they pull a radio play spin on it – just so chuffed to have such kind narrators!

We continue our classic run of Moon Knight appearances with his appearance in the 70’s The Defenders comics. It’s again a very much book-of-the-times with this, but it’s great to see Moony get some decent page time.

Complementing this review, we continue the 1998 run of Resurrection War, Phase 2: Crescents. With stunning art and a who’s who of Moon Knight villains, it’s a great foil to the campy fun of The Defenders.

By the time this is released, the latest Moon Knight issue #190 will have dropped – am sure there will be plenty to talk about then, so please drop by the Facebook Group to let us know your thoughts! We’ll be reviewing that issue proper, first thing in the new year! What a way to kick off 2018!

But before then, we have these two gem of issues, so please send us your thoughts on them, and we’ll be sure to read them out on the podcast! You can drop a line in a variety of ways –

Alrighty then – one final episode to cap off a stellar year! Thanks so much for listening/reading in our maiden year of forming this community and airing the podcasts. Am keen as mustard to see what Bemis and Burrows have in store for us in the new year. Added to that, there’s still so much of Moon Knight to explore in comics, toys and video games! (I’ve been playing Marvel Future Fight recently, and am so happy to discover it’s easy to attain Moon Knight!…needless to say, I’ve been playing him non-stop!!)

Keep reading good comics; keep sharing the love;…and be good to your family! 🙂

Happy Holidays –

May Khonshu watch over the denizens of the Night,


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