OVER THE MOON Reading Club, no. XIII: Moon Knight Vol. 9 #188 – NEW SERIES!



Welcome, welcome Loonies to the latest installment of OVER THE MOON! It’s a momentous 13th issue as it is the week we got the very new series by Max Bemis and Jacen Burrows! (Not familiar?…Look above!!!)

We’ll be covering our usual Panel x Panel review of the whole issue (as is our want for all first issues of arcs, let alone series) and will have our much loved third High Priest, Rebecca joining us! Which makes things immediately extra special and fun..!

By now, if you are a committed Loony, you’d have devoured #188 already – there are a treasure trove of reviews out there at the moment for you to dabble in, if you’re not too sure whether to pick up the issue or not (don’t worry – they all appear to be quite positive!)….and of course, there’s our podcast where we hope you can read along and enjoy the commentary! (Kinda like those special features in a DVD…but in comic book and podcast form).

If you are just bursting to get your thoughts out there, please do not hesitate to contact us – of which you can do so by using any of the following below –

Thanks so much for sticking with us – this is just the beginning of a great journey ahead! Don’t worry – between the issues of the latest series, we still plan to have reviews on classic runs (as suggested by a Loony, we may even start from scratch!) and we are still very keen to have more guest narrators for our OVER THE MOON segment on the podcast.

Happy reading and look forward to catching you on any of our social media sites…share your passion; share the fandom; share the Khonshu!

As always – May Khonshu watch over the denizens of the Night,


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