OVER THE MOON Reading Club, no. XII: Moon Knight Vol. 8 #14 & Moon Knight Vol. 5 #20

Goede dag, Loony Listeners!!

This is the albeit VERY late issue 12 of OVER THE MOON!

As mentioned and known by some, I’ve had a busy last couple of weeks, moving house. After a week of non-stop packing and selling/giving stuff away, tree men and a 10 tonne truck rocked up to our joint to bundle all our stuff away and into our new apartment!

9 hours later, they completed the job (which included lugging up a 3m long lounge up through the balcony!) and the unpacking commenced!

We blitzed through it, and a couple days after moving in, literally after we finished packing, we held a housewarming / Birthday party for Eef (my long suffering ‘Marlene’) at our new place!! PHEW!!

That ended last night, and it’s Sunday morning now here, so here I am catching up on Moonie news and podcast stuff!

So, yes, this is a bit late, but by no means does it mean that you shouldn’t give these issues a go! We’ll be reviewing these issues plus a TRUCKLOAD of news (how very different from last week!) so can’t wait to get stuck into it!!!

It’s the last issue of Lemire’s run and a personal favourite of mine, issue #20 of volume 5, where Moonie takes on Jack Russell, aka Werewolf by Night!! Ripper!!

We’ll also have another guest narrator to do the honours for these issues, which we’re very excited to have for this show…no hints – as always you’ll just have to listen to find out! 🙂

We always love hearing from you, and are deeply appreciative of all the news you share on our page and group. You are all THE BEST!!!! Love this close-knit dedicated community we have going on here! Below are the best ways to contact us…. even if you want to share your new additions to your collection or if you have artwork yourself, our group is always highly keen to see and share!!

Well, that wraps up this rant! Thanks again for listening and be sure to keep following Moon Knight! He’s one of the best, most unique characters out there not only in his universe, but in comics in general!!

As always – May Khonshu watch over the denizens of the Night,


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