OVER THE MOON Reading Club, no. XI: Moon Knight Vol. 8 #13 & Black Panther Vol. 3 #22

Don’t be scared by the face you see before you!!

That’s right, Loony Listeners – it’s only your ever reliable Moon Knight newsletter, this being OVER THE MOON Issue 11!

We are edging closer towards the end of the truly indelible Jeff Lemire run of Moon Knight, that being Volume 8. Have you been enjoying the run?… I hope we’ve been able to do the books justice along the way on the podcast too!

By now, if you’ve been avidly listening, you’d know that we have guest narrators now for our reviews and BARE BONES synopses. It’s been so fun asking our podcasting friends (and award winning narrators! :P) to lend us their sweet sweet vocal cords…

For this coming books up for review, we’ll have another guest narrator. Connor and I will keep this one again close to our chest, and will reveal on the episode – the previous narrators have managed to put their own spin on the narration, so it’s always fun to see what will happen – you just don’t know!! 🙂

Also, would like to take this time to briefly say that the road may be a little bumpy on the way Bemis’ maiden issue on November 8th. Eef and I will be moving house, so there may be a bit of disruption getting the coming episodes out on time. Please bear with us but rest assured we’ll definitely be keen to get on the airwaves to continue our reviews and news on all things Moon Knight.

Having said all that, as you can see from the covers at the top of the newsletter, we’ll be sinking our teeth in issue #13 of Lemire’s run…the penultimate issue and one step closer to rounding out Lemire’s already classic run!

The second book for review comes again from a non-MK title: Black Panther! This is well into Priest’s run of the character and if you haven’t read any of this Volume…shame! Jump on it quick, and no better issue than this one with our Avatar of Vengeance!

You can drop us a line on any of the social media sites below, or on email if you want to write us something big!! 🙂

Have also been toying around with the idea of reading out fan fiction of Moon Knight, if there’s enough interest in it… would be great to share with all the Loonies!….I’m just rambling… please see below for contact details –

It’s a blast chatting with fellow Loonies, so please don’t hesitate to give Connor or me a bell! Keep all your eyes out for Moonie on the small screen and keep reading his great comics!!

As always – May Khonshu watch over the denizens of the Night,


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