Episode 12 – Taurus is an Idiot


Episode 12:  

The High Priests of Khonshu push ahead with “Death and Birth” as well as give a review of a classic West Coast Avengers issue!

Guest narrator, Eef from ‘Grant Manor’ adds a bit of flair to the comic book reviews and on top of all that we have a truck load of news to share with all the Loonies!

This one is not to be missed for sure!!

Moon Knight Vol. 8, Issue # 12- “Death and Birth – Part 3 of 5”

Bare Bones:

Mr. Knight lies helpless on a sacrificial altar in the Overvoid – he is to be a sacrifice and example to others of what it means to defy the Overvoid.

The bloodthirsty crowd cry for a slow and painful death – and the executioner is all too happy to comply. Suddenly, just as the knife is to be brought down on Mr. Knight, a flurry of crescent darts disable the executioner and his men. The darts are thrown by Classic Moon Knight, perched high in the temple and the announcement of his arrival heralds new hope. Moon Knight breaks Mr. Knight free of his bonds and the pair set themselves to face the onslaught ahead.

Beyond the Overvoid and in a time long past, Marc Spector finds himself in Saudi Arabia, tracking down a drug dealer known as The Wolf. Spector makes short work of infiltrating the underground hideout and after neutralising a few of The Wolf’s men, manages to capture The Wolf and ready him for extraction. Spector takes The Wolf forcibly and leads him towards their waiting chopper, with Frenchie at the helm. As they make their return towards their as-yet unnamed employer, The Wolf exchanges some words with Spector and in doing so, appears to look into Spector’s soul. The Wolf’s summation of Spector’s character cuts too close to the bone.

Meanwhile, back at the Overvoid, Moon Knight and Mr. Knight continue to fight for their freedom against the inhabitants of the strange land. They aren’t alone for long however, and around the corner Steven Grant appears with Anput in tow. Grant has freed Anput, and alongside Moon Knight and Mr. Knight, their strength in numbers galvanises them together. With Anput’s godly stature, she urges the bloodthirsty crowd to revolt against the Overvoid guards and as the tide begins to turn, Space Pilot Marc arrives to join the fray. With all the personalities now reunited, the Moon Knight team and Anput make a hasty exit towards Space Pilot Marc’s Moon Jet. It’s not long before they leave the Overvoid behind and across Space and Time, finally reach Anubis and Crawley who have been waiting for them on Anubis’ cosmic raft. Anput is returned to Anubis (her husband), and acknowledging the agreement they previously made, Anubis returns Crawley’s soul to Mr. Knight.

As Anubis takes Crawley and Mr. Knight back to the real world, Mr. Knight’s other personalities – Jake Lockley (Moon Knight), Steven Grant and Space Pilot Marc – thank Mr. Knight and leave him, wishing them well and reassuring Mr. Knight (who is in fact, Marc Spector) that they will always be with him when he needs them.

Returning to the past in our reality, we see Marc Spector and Frenchie in Cairo, ready to deliver The Wolf to their employer. Rahim – one of Marc and Frenchie’s fellow mercenaries, commends the pair for bringing in The Wolf and offers them another job – this time, a job that their boss wants them to handle personally.

Frenchie is hesitant but Marc is curious, and ignoring Frenchie’s concerns, allows Rahim to lead them to their employer’s bunker. When they open the door to greet him, they see Bushman before them – complete with hideous face paint, sharp gold teeth and all…

 Show Notes:

  • Marc Spector in Netflix Punisher’s trailer?….


  • January Solicitations – Moon Knight #191!


  • Destructo Disc Designs – New or re-released Moon Knight clothing, custom designed by Destructo Disc Designs – limited time only 20-27th October


  • Tweet from Axel Alonso

‘Night, Moon
A brutal page from @maxbemis @Jacen_art & @_matlopes_ ‘ MOON KNIGHT #189


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