OVER THE MOON Reading Club, no. X: Moon Knight Vol. 8 #12 & West Coast Avengers Vol. 2 #29

Hello Loony Listeners!

Welcome to Issue 10 (!) of OVER THE MOON!

For those of you listening to the podcast you’ll have heard the new format to OVER THE MOON – that being that we will have a special guest narrator each week to take us on that aural journey through the comic issue we review.

Having spoken to some Loonies and discussed the merit of the show allowing people who may not necessarily have access to the comics – well, I thought, “Why not try and celebrate that, to an extent, and make something special out of each ‘story time’? Have reached out to a few fellow podcast friends and am so grateful and in awe at the generosity they’ve shown to be involved – even when there are big events happening in their lives! So, I just want to say again – thank you so much, wonderful people for being so kind and generous!

With that, we have some great, fun narrators coming up, who will essentially put their own spin to the story. We have no idea what we’ll get, but judging from John Harrison’s wonderful maiden Bare Bones Narration (packed with ad libs and quips on Wonder Woman!), it’s always humourous and in good fun…so it’s just as exciting for us too!

These two issues up for reading, will be reviewed by another special guest – I won’t reveal it again as I think half the fun is hearing who it is on the podcast! Be sure to give the podcast a listen if you can – it is very much appreciated!! – and please if you have time, please give us a review on iTunes!

We’re also very happy to just hear from you, and love your feedback, so please let us know what you think of the guest narrators, the format of the show…or if you want to see anything included!! We can be contacted on –

Well, that’s about it from the High Priests of Khonshu. Apologies for the delay in this newsletter. Hopefully when we record our next episode this weekend, we’ll be back on track, and these newsletters should be out around early-mid week!

All the very best, fellow fans!! The Moon Knight train is building momentum…it’s so damn fun being on this ride – let’s see Moonie make it to Grand Central!! 🙂

As always – May Khonshu watch over the denizens of the Night,



  1. I love moonknight. I’ve gotten all of his story with extra. Some CGC and CBCS. That I sent off. And i have ( WEARD) A shrine. Of toys. I’m all so into Sleepwalker. Do you know of a app that oe something that is about info on moonknight?

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