Episode 11 – More Legacy, Primers and Toys…Oh My!

Episode 11:  

The High Priests of Khonshu have had their prayers answered and deliver unto you the glorious news which were bestowed upon us this last week!

Also, as an offering to all Loonies young and old, Connor and Rey have a little surprise new twist to a regular segment which is heaps fun- no hints here- you’ll need to listen to the episode to find out!

Comics reviewed this episode are-

Moon Knight Vol. 8, Issue # 11- “Death and Birth – Part 2 of 5” by Jeff Lemire

The Defenders Vol. 1, issue #47 – “Night Moves” by John Warner

Moon Knight Vol. 8, Issue # 11- “Death and Birth – Part 2 of 5”

Bare Bones:

In a glimpse to the past, Marc silently sits in a room looking out through the window. It’s Putnam Psychiatric Hospital and under Dr. Emmet’s approval, Marc has been given the all clear to be discharged and returned home.

Unfortunately, sorrow is not far behind as Marc then tends to his father’s funeral and the wake that follows at the Spectors’ family home.

Grief stricken and unable to deal with the loss, Marc reaches out to his other personalities for comfort much to the dismay of his mother. Aware of the awkwardness, Marc heads upstairs to his old bedroom and as if beckoned by the moon, he silently crawls out the window and flees into the night.

Suddenly – in another Place and in another Time – Marc Spector (as Mr. Knight) defends himself against warriors of the Overvoid. Mr. Knight gallantly overcomes one, then another, but eventually is surrounded by the Egyptian-looking warriors and their monstrous, giant scarab beetles. Mr. Knight has nowhere to go.

Looking into Marc Spector’s past once again, a flashback shows Marc as a marine serving in Iraq. Odd behaviour has caught the attention of his commanding officer and Marc is also shown at the mercy of Khonshu’s apparitions. Past mental issues have been discovered by his platoon and it is this, coupled with Marc’s erratic behaviour in the field that forces him to be dishonourably discharged and deemed unfit for duty.

Back in the Overvoid, Mr. Knight is led to a prison cell and by sheer coincidence (or is it destiny?) he meets Anput, wife of Anubis who is also a prisoner. Knowing now whom it is that he needs to rescue, Mr. Knight is then unexpectedly ushered away from Anput before he is able to act upon it. He is marched to a sacrificial altar – he is to be a sacrifice and an example of what happens to those who defy the Overvoid! The situation looks dire as the crowd screams for Marc’s blood.

A final glimpse into the past shows Marc holding his own, in an underground fight club. Military training, violent tendencies and possibly a recent discharge from service gives Marc the edge and he wins his bout – but none of the glory.

A mysterious figure approaches Marc – and he proposes a deal which could earn them both a wealth of monetary returns. The man’s name is Jean-Paul – or ‘Frenchie’ to some – and it is Jean-Paul who introduces Marc into the world of mercenaries….soldiers of fortune.

The Defenders Vol. 1, issue #47 –  “Night Moves”

Valkyrie and Hellcat leave Hulk and Nighthawk at the Defenders Headquarters, as Hellcat hitches a ride with Valkyrie to the Avengers’ mansion for unfinished business.

Hulk, slightly confused at his team members’ departure, chooses to be alone and so leaves Nighthawk to his own devices. With the recent events at Defenders’ HQ, Nighthawk welcomes the opportunity to wind down on his own and so, runs himself a warm bath and settles down with the newspaper.

Meanwhile, across town in New Jersey, Nick Fury and his S.H.I.E.L.D operatives appear to carry out an abduction of an unknown man. Little do they know that they are being watched from high above – by none other than Moon Knight! The Avatar of Vengeance springs into action, disabling Fury’s men, however he is met with a greater challenge when facing Nick Fury himself. The two heroes trade blows but it’s Moon Knight who gains the upper hand. As Fury’s men regain their feet, they are met with Jack Norriss – the would-be abductee – who joins Moon Knight in battling his captors.Nick Fury, as always, has a plan and when all looks lost, Fury deploys a smoke bomb, allowing himself and S.H.I.E.L.D to escape.

Whilst this occurs, in Greenwich Village at one Secret Sanctorum, Valkyrie visits Clea in Doctor Strange’s absence. Clea assists Valkyrie with a new wardrobe, granting her a new and improved costume.

Whilst Valkyrie gains new threads, Hellcat is elsewhere at Avengers Mansion hoping to catch her fellow Avengers there. Instead, she stumbles upon Simon Williams, aka Wonder Man, and not knowing that he has recently joined the Avengers, she mistakes him for an intruder and sets about to detain him. The fight is short but before Hellcat is knocked unconscious by falling debris, she realises Wonder Man is not the enemy.

As we turn our attentions back to Moon Knight and Jack Norriss, it’s not long before they reach the Secret Sanctorum. Jack knows Doctor Strange and the Defenders and he pleads with Valkyrie (still there with Clea) for help.

Jack has been wanted by S.H.I.E.L.D for sensitive information regarding a Presidential candidate, however Jack was reluctant to cooperate, as it places his friend, Doctor Strange at risk. Moon Knight concurs with Jack about S.H.I.E.L.D’s failed abduction attempt and so Valkyrie, Moon Knight and Jack head to Avengers Headquarters to seek help and shed light on S.H.I.E.L.D’s actions.

Moon Knight and co. arrive at Avengers headquarters, just in time to see Wonder Man break free of the fallen debris and Hellcat lying unconscious at his feet. Valkyrie and Moon Knight burst in and attack the hapless Wonder Man who responds in kind. Just as Wonder Man starts to get the better of his attackers, Hellcat regains consciousness and screams for them all to stop, imploring that Wonder Man had in fact saved her life from the debris that came down on them both. She quickly proves to Wonder Man that she, Hellcat, is indeed an Avenger but before they can all put their differences completely aside, a message comes in over the monitors – it’s Nick Fury, and he wants Jack Norriss!

 Show Notes:

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