OVER THE MOON Reading Club, no. IX: Moon Knight Vol. 8 #11 & Defenders Vol. 1 #47

Good tidings to you, Loony Listeners!

Another OVER THE MOON newsletter and this time we’re up to issue IX!

Next two comic books up for our scrutiny will be Lemire’s issue #11 – Part 2 of Death and Rebirth. It was a cracker reviewing Part 1 in our last podcast episode with Rebecca – such a strong opening to the third and final arc – looking forward to reviewing what lies ahead for poor Marc Spector.

We are also reviewing an older classic – The Defenders Vol. 1 issue #49 (“Night Moves”), the reason of which will become more apparent when you hear the next podcast! 😉 Please give this one a go! It’s a little harder to track but it’s well worth it!

HOT DANG! This is so much fun to do! We are really loving it and are always thinking of ways to improve the show. There may be some hits and misses but rest assured, we’ll be ensuring to cover all the latest and greatest for good ol’ Sheet Face.

We definitely love hearing from you all so please get your feedback in and tell ushow we’re doing or what you are loving/hating about the comics we review. You can drop us a line at –

That’s it for this small newsletter! Thanks all once again and,

As always – May Khonshu watch over the denizens of the Night,


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