Episode 10 – Death and Rebirth Part 1: Panel-by-Panel Review



Episode 10:  

Third Co-host, Rebecca joins us again!
New York Comic Con delivers naught on ol’ Sheet Face two days in, but the NOW three High Priests of Khonshu tackle a new variant cover for issue #188 and an incredible fan’s TV show pitch!

Plus, an incredible panel-by-panel look at Moon Knight Vol. 8, issue #10 – “Death and Birth: Part 1 of 5”!

Panel-by-Panel Review:


When Khonshu attempted to invade our reality, filling New York City with sand and pyramids, Marc rejected the deadly overtures of the Moon God, destroying himself to save us all. Marc slipped between the lives of his different identities, finally culminating in a confrontation in New Egypt between Marc and the men his mind had created. In order to be whole again, Marc was forced to deal  with the disparate elements of himself – and once he did, the ultimate task became clear: Kill Khonshu.

 Show Notes:

mk 188 variant

Variant cover to Moon Knight #188, by Daniel warren Johnson

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