Episode 9 – 10 Issues To Turn A Copter Bad


Episode 9:  

In the wait for Moon Knight #188, the High Priests of Khonshu Rey & Connor follow the pre-release praise of editor Jake Thomas, continue the discussion for a Moon Knight animated series and sing their own praises with the arrival of Destructo Designs’ Moon Knight Hoodie.

Then, the two intrepid Moonies tackle the emotional finale of Lemire’s “Incarnations” arc in Moon Knight Vol.8, issue #9, before taking a step back to look at the tale of a mother gone vigilante in the classic issue review of Moon Knight Vol.1 , issue #24 – “ Scarlet in Moonlight”.

The Bare Bones:

Moon Knight Vol.8, issue #9 – “ Incarnations: Part 4 of 4”

Mr. Knight confronts his other personalities in New Egypt, and calls for unity despite the other personalities not wanting to relinquish their lives as individuals.

The harsh truth that Space Knight-Marc Spector, Jake Lockley and Steven Grant are but constructs of Mr. Knight’s mind does not go down well with the trio and the sudden disintegration of Space Marc to dust instigates a fight between Jake Lockley and Mr. Knight.

It’s a fight for survival and the right to exist, and although Jake puts up a great struggle, a crescent dart from Mr. Knight ends him and returns him to dust.

With two of his personalities now neutralised, Mr. Knight searches for Steven Grant (his oldest personality construct) who had fled  during the fight. Throughout New Egypt, Mr. Knight searches for Steven but it’s not long before he finds him in an abandoned office.

Steven is almost submissive as he pleads with Mr. Knight the question of his existence – life memories like corn dogs in Coney island with his Dad seem all too real. Steven is scared and unsure of what’s to come.

Mr. Knight explains to Steven that it all was very real – Steven’s existence was true, but it essentially came out of Mr. Knight. The subsequent alter egos which came later were a way to deal with his illness. As time went by, the alter egos began to merge and Mr. Knight began to lose who he really was, ultimately resulting in New Egypt..

Steven is afraid to ‘die’ but Mr. Knight assures him he won’t – that by accepting Mr. Knight’s purpose to consolidate his personalities, Steven Grant will always be alive within. Steven Grant accepts and in a warm embrace, he accepts his fate.

Mr. Knight/Marc Spector is alone again, but now with a clear head and mind, he accepts that he is back in New Egypt with a new purpose and he finally knows what must be done – he heads back to the hospital to kill Khonshu once and for all.

Moon Knight Vol.1 , issue #24 – “ Scarlet in Moonlight”

In the South Bronx, a shady deal is going down behind closed doors at an undisclosed restaurant. Just as a final agreement has been made (involving a Mr. Sindone), the shadowy men are assaulted by a lone figure, armed with a crossbow.

None appear to make it out alive, except for the hapless waiter, who runs out onto the street.

High above, Moon Knight surveys the neighborhood, silently wondering what it was exactly that drew him to the South Bronx. He hears the waiter scream, “Murder” and promptly heeds the call.

Moon Knight’s agility and determination proves to no avail as he only manages to catch a glimpse of the figure exiting the scene of the crime. Narrowly dodging an arrow, Moon Knight is left of only one thing – that the killer was a woman.

Detective Flint and his squad examine the crime scene as Moon Knight returns after having unsuccessfully given pursuit to the suspect. Flint confirms the victims were all tied to crime, and Moon Knight spots the calling card for Stained Glass Scarlet scrawled on the wall.

He bids adieu to Detective Flint and races to the old cathedral where he last encountered Stained Glass Scarlet.

Not finding her there, Moon Knight’s detective skills leads him to the cemetery, where he finds Scarlet there looking over her son’s grave. Stained Glass Scarlet explains how Mr. Manny Sindone was responsible for her son’s spiral into crime and madness. She wants vengeance against Sindone, but more importantly, Stained Glass Scarlet declares war on crime!

Moon Knight, left stunned, let’s Stained Glass Scarlet go, and returns home to Marlene to ponder the moral conflict which vexes him. Insensitive to Marlene’s own suffering (at the recent loss of her brother), Marc leaves with Frenchie in the Mooncopter, to catch up with Stained Glass Scarlet.

He finds her at Northbrook, New Jersey, stalking the building and Sindone within it. Before she gets any closer, Moon Knight intercepts Scarlet and pleads with her not to follow through with her intent. Sindone’s men spot the two, and in the melee, Scarlet escapes, leaving Moon Knight to ward off the goons.

Scarlet enters the building, killing all those in her wake and she reaches Sindone with her eye on the prize. Sindone manages to pull a gun on Scarlet and at that moment, Moon Knight catches up with Scarlet and draws a crescent dart at Sindone.

In an agonizing choice, Moon Knight disarms Sindone with his crescent dart, giving Scarlet the opportunity to shoot her crossbow and kill Sindone, thus completing her mission.

She flees, with Moon Knight giving chase – at the train tracks Moon Knight in one final effort throws his truncheon at Scarlet’s legs, hoping to stop her…he misses and wonders if he missed on purpose.

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