OVER THE MOON Reading Club, no. VII: Moon Knight Vol. 8 #9 + Moon Knight Vol. 1 #24



Thanks for peeking into issue VII of OVER THE MOON!

We’re at the end of the “Incarnations” arc and Marc’s life doesn’t seem to be getting any easier. Geez, it’s been such a treat having four top tier artists work on this book, let alone the caliber of writing by Jeff Lemire! It’ll be sad to see this arc end, but Lemire’s run has one more arc to give to the world, and we’ll be looking into that as of the next OVER THE MOON!

Not long ago, we covered the introduction of Stained Glass Scarlett in a Character Spotlight and in issue #14. This time around we see what Stained Glass Scarlett has been up to since then. This has been a high recommendation from High Priest Connor, so can’t wait to jump into this issue to Stained Glass Scarlett’s development; the ever-improving art of maestro Bill Sienkiewicz and the lyricism of Doug Moench – top pick, Connor!!

Finally, be sure to keep an eye out on our social media pages as we’re dedicated to bring you all the latest news on Moon Knight, his comics and his potential appearance on screen!! (Let’s all cross our fingers and use our positive vibes to get him on screen, pleaaaaassseee!)

Thanks so much thus far, sticking with us! Every podcast recording day is an exciting one, and we just hope our passion for Moonie can do justice to our Loony members!! If the moon is in the right phase for you, please comment below, or catch us on any of the links below –

As always – May Khonshu watch over the denizens of the Night,


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