Episode 8 – Steven Grant’s Bloodied Neck

Episode 8:  

It’s like the Heroes for Hire episode of Into The Knight!
A new cover reveal for Moon Knight #190 leads to plenty of discussion about Moon Knight and his new gauntlet of villians in the upcoming run!
And a small news week means the High Priests of Khonshu, Rey & Connor, heed the call for some discussions on Marvel and Punisher in the lead up to Moon Knight in Legacy and a possible appearance in Netflix’s Punisher!

Plus the continuation of our review of Moon Knight Vol. 8, with issue #8 “Incarnations: Part 3 of 4”, with a classic review of 2010’s Heroes for Hire Vol.3 , issue #1.

The Bare Bones:

Moon Knight Vol.8 , issue #8 – “Incarnations: Part 3 of 4”

Jake Lockley finds himself arrested and questioned over the murders at Gena’s Diner.

The familiar faces of Billy and Bobby (who in this reality, are police officers) try and get a confession out of Jake but are interrupted by Detective Emmet.

She questions Jake over his illness and the costume she finds in the back of his cab, then without warning, realities shift once again and it appears as if they are part of a Steven Grant film. Steven is taken aback, as his consciousness seems to be one and the same with Jake and once again realities shift with Steven’s consciousness now back in Jake with the interrogation room appearing all too real.

Utterly confused, Jake fights his way out and escapes, donning the Moon Knight costume.

Moon Knight confronts Crawley who again knows more than meets the eye and, disappointed in Moon Knight not knowing what is happening, leads him towards the real killer and suspect for the murders at Gena’s Diner – none other than Midnight Man!

Again, as Moon Knight confronts the Midnight Man, they appear to only be part of Steven Grant’s movie and again Steven Grant is affected by an apparent shift in reality.

Spontaneously, Grant starts to bleed at the neck, and rushes out of the studio, only to find himself on the Moon Base, amidst the frantic battle between humans and Space Wolves.

Grant sees himself as Marc Spector, fighting off General Lupinar and his hordes and in an act of defiance both Grant and Spector lash out. Things become more chaotic as Grant runs through the realities of Jake Lockley and Marc Spector and he can only run towards the door, screaming for help.

As if by destiny, Jake Lockley and Marc Spector also struggle to escape their own battles and each head towards a door in search of Marlene.

All three personalities of Grant, Lockley and Spector find themselves on the other side of the door in the same place – a New York overcome by Egyptian sand and standing before them is yet another version of themselves – Mr. Knight – who appears to have some answers.

Heroes for Hire Vol.3 , issue #1 – “ Are you for Hire?”

Misty Knight controls the operation to take down a narcotics ring involving a new Atlantean drug called HOOK. She utters the words, “Hello Hero. This is Control. Are you for Hire Tonight?” and her operatives respond – The Falcon as the Locator and Black Widow as the muscle to stop a shipment; and also Moon Knight to hit the location of where the shipment was headed.

Falcon and Black Widow make short work of the truck carrying the drugs, whilst less than an hour later, Moon Knight storms through the Shoal Imports Warehouse and makes a grisly discovery.

Not only does Moon Knight find a lab in the warehouse – used to bio-engineer a designed, tailored version of HOOK, but also that the test subjects are humans.

The plot thickens as we cut to an Upper West Side apartment – home to Bernard Waterman a bio-chemist and pharmaceutical engineer. He appears to have been dealing to both sides – distributing the Atlantean HOOK to humans; then using addicted humans to create a drug for Atlanteans.

Misty deploys Elektra to deal with Waterman and for all intents and purposes, Misty’s operation is a success.

The plot takes a twist, as we discover Misty isn’t as in control as she thinks she is – whereas she sees herself in Mission Control, where she actually is, is in fact under sedation and under the control of none other than the Puppet Master!

 Show Notes:

(above) Cover art released for Moon Knight #190, released with Marvel December Solicitations

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